A hospital trust has introduced disposable headscarves for staff to use in operating theatres.

The idea for this came from a Muslin Junior doctor, Farah Roslan, who said that it follows concerns of infections to the hijab that she wears during her training at the Royal Derby Hospital.

And now she hoped that the concept can be replicated in NHS Trusts throughout the UK. However, NHS England said that the decision would be up to individual trusts.

Expanding on the concept, Dr Roslan said that the idea came to her whilst she was a medical student at the University Hospital of Derby and Burton NHS Trust.

She said: “Having been used to wearing the same headscarf throughout any given day wasn’t ideal. And, at the end of a shift, I didn’t feel comfortable when taking it off.

“A ‘middle-ground’ had to be met – between the right dress-code for me, and any other Muslims in a similar position, and being in an operating theatre.

She looked to her country of birth (Malaysia) for inspiration and ideas. Before long she designed, created and testing fabrics before introducing the final product to the University Hospital of Derby and Burton NHS Trust – who OKd its use.