As EURO 2024 approaches, many will be getting in the spirit to support their favourite team and players, but how common is it for fans to try and replicate a player's famous look?

With almost a third of millennials admitting to adopting a footballer’s hairstyle ahead of a tournament, Live Football Tickets wanted to share how fans can achieve those iconic looks by partnering with hair styling expert and Trichologist, Adam Bennett.

How to perfect your favourite footballer’s iconic hairstyle:

Hairstyle 1 - Cristiano Ronaldo: Buzz cut hairstyle

With an annual search volume of 711,500, Ronaldo’s signature hairstyle is a classic for many men, and recently, he has been seen everywhere with this buzz cut hairstyle which can be easy and simple to achieve,

Hair stylist Adam Bennett comments: “Tell your barber you want a buzz cut with a consistent length all over. This will likely be achieved with the Clippers without a guard. If you want a little more hair on top for styling, mention it to your barber. Ronaldo's cut keeps the top short but allows for some movement.”

“The natural look: This is the easiest option for styling. Just towel dry your hair after a shower and let it air dry.

“The spiked-up look: Apply a small amount of matte wax or styling cream on towel-dried hair. Work it through with your fingers, then spike up sections of hair for a textured look.

“The brushed-back look: Use a small amount of styling cream to dry hair. Brush it back from your forehead.

“It is good to remember that less is more: Since the hair is so short, a little product goes a long way. Avoid using too much wax, which can make the hair look greasy.”

Hairstyle 2 - Jack Grealish: Floaty - light curtains hairstyle

This football favourite has had a total of 273,000 annual searches in regard to his locks, and some would say his hair is fancier than his footwork.

Adam Bennett comments: “This hairstyle asks for a foundation haircut called an undercut with long hair on top. Below are instructions for your barber as per your preference:

“The hair on top should mainly reach down to near earlobe length. The hair on the sides and back should be cut much shorter than the top. If your hair is very thick, tell your barber to get subtle layers cut into the top to remove the voluminous look and make it easier to style.

“To style this cut, get excessive water but leave your hair damp. Then, take a very small amount of hair cream and apply it evenly throughout your damp hair, attending the mid-lengths and ends. Roughly blow dry your hair with your fingers to push the volume.

Once your hair is dry, use your fingers to create a separation of the hair on top into two loose sections, creating the effect of the curtain.”

In one of his interviews, Grealish mentioned using Moroccan oil to add shine and nourishment to his hair. Use a hair cream to get that volumising flowy look, and use a spray for a little less hold to keep everything in place. This style will ask for time to get settled, just do the practice to make it look perfect over time.

Hairstyle 3 - Nathan Aké: Jaw-length dreads with an ombre effect

Dutch-born defender Nathan Aké is a main figure in Manchester City's defence, and compared to most players, he has one of the most unique styles, with a search volume of 147,00 annually.

Adam Bennett states: “Your hair should be at least 4-6 inches long to allow for twisting and sectioning, and this style works best for curly or afro-textured hair. Consider consulting a loctician (dreadlock hair stylist) for guidance.”

“To achieve this style, take two sections of hair and twist them together away from the scalp until they coil in on themselves. Secure the twist at the root with a hair tie. Repeat with all sections.

“Roll each section of hair between your palms starting from the root down to the ends, creating a cylindrical shape, and repeat this with all sections. If adding highlights while twisting, choose a section of hair and apply the bleach or highlight product according to the product instructions. Then, proceed with twisting the section as usual. Use natural oils like jojoba to moisturise your scalp and dreadlocks.”

Hairstyle 4 - Phil Foden: Boxed Short French Crop on top, mid fade on sides and drop fade at the back

Foden's hairstyle has become a hit with fans and barbers alike as it works both on and off the pitch, with searches increasing by over 5000% in the past month. This haircut has that dramatic finish that makes your look not just styled but tailored.

Bennett advises: “Advise your barber that you want a short haircut with a mid-fade on the sides and a drop fade at the back. Phil Foden's hair on top is typically short (a French crop on top) with a little texture. Discuss the same with your barber about how much length you want on top and whether you want any specific styling details or create the exact look of Foden.”

To style this cut, apply a small amount of leave-in conditioner or lightweight styling cream on damp hair to add texture. To achieve that defined look use a matte wax and work it through with your fingers to create texture and separation.

With short hair, your scalp is more exposed. Make sure to use a gentle shampoo and conditioner to keep your scalp healthy and hydrated.

Hairstyle 5 - Matty Kash: Low fade: A strong line blow-dried backwards with a natural wave

Matty Cash is known for his impressive skills on the pitch, but his hairstyle also deserves a mention. To achieve this cut, Adam Bennet recommends that you give your barber the following instructions:

“The sides and back must be kept short, and the hair on top must be left longer. The quiff should be styled with a touch of volume and texture. If you have straight hair ask for a body wave perm through the top.”

To style this cut, get your hair damp and use mousse for styling or for a better hold you can use gel or wax. Next, use your fingers to lift the hair up and back as you blow dry in the direction you want the quiff to flow, this will create a quiff. Use a hairspray for a stronghold that will avoid any flyways.

To achieve a more modern matte finish, choose a clay product instead of a high-shine pomade.

Hairstyling expert Adam Bennett, from IHS Hair Replacement London, shares top tips to know before changing your hairstyle, as well as gaining the confidence to do so:

“Always consider the shape of your face before adopting any hairstyle as this is key in how the hair will look. Be sure that you understand the texture of your hair, and adopt only those hairstyles that you feel you can maintain easily.

“Take inspiration and not imitation, your hair doesn’t need to be an exact replica. Start small and do not go with a drastic change. And finally, embrace the change with all the confidence in you!”