The shores of the Red Sea at the St. Regis Resort provided a stunning backdrop for the conclusion of the ‘Red Sea Fashion Week’.

Led by the Saudi Fashion Commission, the inaugural launch spanned three days and attracted a diverse range of guests from around the world. The closing fashion show was a magical evening, with the warm rays of the sun blending harmoniously with the serene waves and golden sands of the Red Sea illuminating the wonderful experience RSFW had offered.

Red Sea Fashion Week showcased the latest collections from Saudi designers, alongside regional talents from the Arab world and international brands. Burak Cakmak, CEO of the Saudi Fashion Commission, set the tone for the event, promising an unforgettable experience. This weekend delivered a truly one-of-a-kind spectacle.

Red Sea Fashion Week is a premier event that highlights the resort collections, emphasizing the importance of the continuous development and a step towards the acceleration of the fashion ecosystem in the Kingdom. The event introduced new clothing lines tailored for resort styles and summer destinations, adding a fresh dimension to the Kingdom's fashion scene.

The fashion show lineup featured seven female-owned brands from Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Egypt. Additionally, a showroom hosted 21 brands, including the Saudi 100 Brands, Moroccan labels, Egyptian lines, and Turkish garments. RSFW's unique setting catered to a range of tastes, attracting buyers from local, regional, and international markets bringing the talents of Saudi Arabia to a global scale.

As the event came to a close, Burak Cakmak, CEO of the Saudi Fashion Commission, emphasized that the fashion commission will continue to empower and showcase local talents through various initiatives dedicated to the development of the Kingdom's fashion sector.

"This three-day event at the St. Regis Red Sea Resort has been a cultural exchange connecting local, regional, and international brands in the heart of one of the kingdom's breathtaking natural landscapes. Our commitment to economic growth, sustainable development, and the promotion of local talents and creatives on a global scale is unwavering.

“The Saudi Fashion Commission is dedicated to fostering a dynamic ecosystem where creativity and business acumen flourish. The enthusiasm of buyers from around the world who have witnessed the diverse resort wear showcased, underscores the global appeal of this newly launched fashion week.

“Red Sea Fashion Week is instrumental in making Saudi Arabia a beacon of fashion and culture."