The October-long Black History Month celebration will be, again, the perfect chance to reflect on where things stand with Black people, of all generations, in the UK.

As it continues to tackle the racism that still exists today, in too many institutions and the wider UK, this special month provides an opportunity to look back on their thousands of years history – many of which has never been told – look at the Black community’s present standing and have the chance to discuss issues that have not always be at the forefront of people’s conversations.

This year’s theme in the UK is 'Celebrating Our Sisters', which is all about celebrating the achievements and lives of Black women throughout history, today and what can be achieved moving forward. It’s all about exploring themes such as resilience, self-care, and well-being, as it salutes the strength and determination of Black women throughout history.

It is all about celebrating their accomplishments and encourage future generations to take care of themselves and their communities.

Black History Month will run until September 30!