Neighbourhood Neapolitan pizzeria Rudy’s Pizza is celebrating Leap Day (Thursday 29th. February) by launching a competition to win four years-worth of free pizza - a once-in-four-year opportunity.

Rudy’s Pizza – which has pizzerias across Birmingham, including Brindleyplace, Birmingham City Centre & Harborne – will be offering fans the chance to win one of its elusive “Famiglia Cards”. There are currently less than 30 Rudy’s Famiglia cards in circulation, with each usually entitling its owner to two free Rudy’s pizzas per week for a whole year.

This special Leap Day Famiglia Card will be a one-off opportunity to secure two free Rudy’s pizzas per week from now until 2028; four entire years. Born out of passion for pizza, Rudy’s follows the authentic Neapolitan tradition of pizza-making, renowned for its consistency and quality.

This Leap Day competition will entitle its sole winner to a prize equating to 416 Rudy’s pizzas, or over £4,000, between now and March 2028. All pizza lovers have to do this Leap Day is look out for the official post on @wearerudyspizza (to be posted Thursday 29th February, 4pm), follow, and tag a friend who they’ll be inviting to join them for free pizza.

The competition will be open for 24 hours only, with entries closing on Friday 1st March at 4pm, and the winner announced via @wearerudyspizza at 5pm.

Rudy’s is a relaxed neighbourhood pizzeria, following the traditions and artistry of pizza from Naples; the birthplace of pizza. Born out of passion for pizza, the first Rudy’s pizzeria opened in Ancoats, Manchester in 2015 and since then the team has spent years perfecting its techniques to create a perfect, light, classic Neapolitan pizza, following authentic traditions.

T&C’s of the card:

  • Card only valid for the authorised holder
  • Offer limited to two pizzas a week (just so you don't eat us out of dough)
  • Offer valid until 29th March 2028.
  • The card cannot be exchanged for cash and remains the property of Mission Mars
  • We cannot accept responsibility if your card is lost, stolen or damaged
  • Cannot be used at Canary Wharf