LED First Choice LTD have launched their highly anticipated Morris 12 litre smart dehumidifier with Wi-Fi compatibility.

The design and manufacturing of the dehumidifier has all been planned to follow the businesses main ethos, manufacturing and selling environmentally friendly and energy saving products.

For a long time, LED First Choice LTD have focused on supplying energy efficient products, mainly LED lighting fixtures. Since the growth of the company, they have expanded their range of products and ventured into air cooling and smart dehumidifiers.

It was their decision to venture into new products that led them to design and produce their new Morris 12 Litre dehumidifier. This state-of-the-art smart dehumidifier has many features designed specifically with the user in mind. 

LED First Choice have launched their new dehumidifier with customer convenience as their top priority. This has been shown through their Wi-Fi compatibility. The built in Wi-Fi compatibility allows the user to control the smart dehumidifier from anywhere using a simple application.

This can be inside the home, or outside and on any smart phone or tablet. Whilst consumer convenience is their main focus, LED First Choice have also released a best dehumidifier that sets them apart from their competition.

Not only do they have technological differences, their dehumidifier was also designed with safety in mind. The smart dehumidifier comes with a built-in auto restart feature.

This feature has been added so that in the result of a power cut, the dehumidifier will automatically restart, when power is available, in its default settings. The timing of this launch couldn’t be any better. As summer comes to an end, the cold and wet seasons approach.

This weather can cause issues for anyone’s home and we strongly advise that our readers look into investing in a smart dehumidifier. You won’t have to worry about damp or mould problems with a Morris best dehumidifier.

In conclusion, LED First Choice LTD have launched their new, user friendly, 12 litre smart dehumidifier. The unit has built in Wi-Fi compatibility, multiple safety features and even has the option for continuous drainage using the free drainage hose.