Let Freedom Ring - The Declaration of Independence – Personally and Professionally.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

The freedom of independence is the very first formal statement by a country professing their right to choose their own government and sovereignty.

Although independence in itself doesn’t assure success for any country, the ambition of a more wealthier, fairer and thriving country will depend on the autonomous decisions made post-independence and the good stewardship of elected governments.

It was a jubilant time of celebration, the end of colonial British rule and the forging of proud national identities. During festivities on August 6, 1962 in Kingston, Jamaica, a sea of green, gold, and black swayed in the streets when Jamaica freed herself of the United Kingdom. The island recently celebrated 61 years of self-rule with an observation on this year’s independence theme of ‘Jamaica 61- Proud and Strong.’ Sounding the alarm, to the bravery, tenacity and attainment of the Jamaican people globally over the past six decades.

Independence is the fact or state of being independent. 

Is independence good for growth?

A country's quest for independence is often an emotional matter, but can standing on its own feet alone bring with it economic benefits too?

Sixty one years ago, Jamaica became one of the first Caribbean islands to achieve complete colonial freedom from Britain. In reality, true independence is a process of becoming. Independence Day is normally celebrated with much fanfare, pomp and ceremony. Jamaica was one of the first colonies in the new world that had a Spanish rule which began in 1509. Nearly 150 years later, the island was taken by the British on May 11th 1655 during the Anglo-Spanish War. The colony of Jamaica gained independence from the United Kingdom on August 6th, 1962. In Jamaica, this date is highly celebrated as Independence Day, a national holiday.

Marcus Garvey’s greatest dream was for the independence of all African Countries and the creation of a United States of Africa. The Universal Negro Improvement Association (UNIA) launched a plan of action for the restitution of some Blacks from the United States and other parts of the African Diaspora back to Africa. Liberia, a country established in 1822 by the American Colonisation Society, was the intended geographical base of the UNIA’s African colonisation venture.

Since its independence in 1962, Jamaica celebrated from the United Kingdom, the celebrations have spanned with local folklore, reggae music, culture, heritage and art exhibitions are a few of the many festivities during the independence period.

Jamaicans proudly honour such a momentous occasion in many ways than one. It’s such a demonstration of the rich ethnic inclusiveness that forever thrives acknowledging the inestimable legacy and contributions of Jamaicans.

An island small sized but enormous in achievements, Jamaicans internationally are united in love as enduring support fills us with profound gratitude that enriches and uplifts our spirits. An insistent and full of determination set of people that are born ready to overcome any protest guarded by each others’ promotion.  Well known for our mellowness, the world's most congenial souls, even truly past our good-humoured nature lies how proud and sedulous we are juggling and boasting as modesty stands firm as our stamp of authenticity. Jamaica’s buoyant influence is sensed all over enhancing every facet of life. 

Independence of our Personal Relationships?

So how do you translate independence in your personal relationships? All of us want to matter – that’s how we are wired emotionally. We want to feel viewable and valued, more of a prime concern in our partner’s life rather than unnoticeable and demoted. It's very important for people like a country to retain their own identity in a relationship and not lose themselves. As Will Smith said, “her happiness is not my responsibility. She should be happy, and I should be happy individually. Then we come together and share our happiness. Giving someone a responsibility to make you happy when you can’t do it for yourself is selfish.”

It is deemed that when one or both partners don't maintain their level of independence in a relationship that will in the long run turn into a form of co-dependency. Life then appears to be making it all about making your other half happy. This tends to affect your own self-esteem as it clouds the boundaries for what is acceptable in a relationship making it progressively strenuous to maintain boundaries in future relationships.

Being independent in a relationship signifies making a conscious commitment to hold high esteem your very own desires. Beyond everything, in a perfect world, you will not be the truest version of yourself or your partner experiencing emotional, mental and physical exhaustion. Independence is not in abandonment once done with your best interest, nor implicit putting the health scale of the relationship on overweight. On the contrary, it means being good natured and gentle with yourself to the point that it braces and strengthens your fondness and devotion to each other. The importance of independence for a country and also that of a personal relationship cannot be talked about enough. Many times, it is a fact that we often overlook when developing a relationship.  In fact, we seem to feel so much better about ourselves when we are with our other half.

The very thought of individuality in a relationship may seem a bit selfish, however it must be confirmed that individuality along with independence are vital components of a flourishing relationship. In spite of how distinguished your partner and relationship makes you feel, it’s really principal to nurture some level of independence. Having independence in your relationship is considerably relevant for both but it also means that the union will be healthier and is more likely to have longevity through thin and thick.

In a relationship, individuals perceive themselves as part of connection above who they are. It is imperative for each person to cultivate a level of autonomy and independence. Furthermore, it is consequential to keep in existence a sense of dignity and belonging to devising a diverse insight to those involved.  

Learn how to be independent in a relationship with these pointers:

1.     Recognise unhealthy patterns - consider previous and current relationships as you reflect or spot any repeated exploit. Note actions that are both healthy and unhealthy to put in place a transparent depiction of your relationship. A few unhealthy traits are constant validation, separation anxiety and loyalty issues.

2.     Your relationship goals – Set goals you want to achieve within your relationships that will limit any form of co-dependency. Rubber-stamp a positive mindset that will support you both in giving a facelift to the relationship.

3.     Foster a sense of self – Working on your relationship goals target and adopt a powerful unbreakable sense of self. As you maintaining your own personality instead of coining one fresh from the relationship or being stipulated by your partner. It must be distinctive by your vision, values, attentiveness and personality habits. In doing this, this helps lift self-respect as it supports from coming into being with any codependent habits.

Independence can be hospitable in your relationship keeping the core of it secured and satisfied as there are as well reasons why you must have an independent relationship.

Contributed by: Dee Burrowes, Certified Professional Coach and NLP Practitioner, International Speaker, Trained Teacher and Author supports you to gain more confidence and how to be more effective at bringing happiness into your life.


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