West Midlands MEP Daniel Dalton today launched his report aimed at tackling non-tariff barriers within the EU at a public hearing in the European Parliament. The draft report highlights areas where small businesses trying to trade in another member state still face unfair discrimination and barriers to entry that favour existing market players. It was welcomed by small business associations, including the FSB, as a positive step forward in helping SMEs to trade on a more level playing field.

Speaking after the presentation of his report, Mr Dalton commented: “Although the EU's internal market is a tariff free zone, British businesses still face significant challenges and barriers when they try to trade in other European countries."

"Unfair and discriminatory practices, often designed to keep foreign businesses out, hit SMEs hardest, as larger companies are able to navigate artificial barriers in different countries."

"This report aims to highlight the barriers SMEs face when trying to trade across Europe and suggest solutions to tackle these barriers."