It might be a New Year's resolution. It might be a health kick. Whatever the reason for taking part in Dry January, Lucky Saint is on hand to make sure you can enjoy the reward of a drink, without skipping your favourite social occasions.  

Bringing you delicious beer with none of the sacrifice, Lucky Saint is the UK's official beer of Dry January, in partnership with Alcohol Change UK – the charity behind the cultural phenomenon. 

Available whenever or however you need it, including draft at your local pub, or in bottles and cans at the supermarket, drinks can stay on the menu this January.  

And with an estimated 6.5 million people predicted to take part in Dry January in 20221, Lucky Saint is supporting social occasions this month, so you can enjoy a healthier relationship with alcohol, a clearer mind, and a little less pressure on the purse strings.  

Luke Boase, Founder of Lucky Saint said, “At Lucky Saint, we believe that the greatest reward of drinking is the social connection, not the alcohol. And it's the importance of coming together that means we look after ourselves and look out for each other. Partnering with Alcohol Change UK to become the first ever official beer of Dry January cements our mission to help everyone enjoy a healthier relationship with alcohol, so whether you're cutting out or cutting down, you can enjoy a great drink with friends and no sacrifice.” 

With fruity notes and a refreshing, crisp finish, Lucky Saint beer is left unfiltered to allow for maximum flavour, without the alcohol.  

In June 2020, Lucky Saint became the first alcohol-free producer to join the British Beer & Pub Association in the organisation's 116-year history.  

This Pilsner-Style lager is made with just four high quality ingredients - Pilsner Malt, Hallertau Hops, Bavarian spring water and Lucky Saint's own single-use yeast. This combination of ingredients and their unique brewing process creates a full-bodied lager with biscuit malt flavours and a citrus hop finish.  One bottle contains just 53 calories and is vegan.