Ocean Alexander, a leader in luxury yacht manufacturing, is proud to announce the recipients of its highly anticipated 2023 Sales Awards.

At least one yacht of each model spanning all three series for OA were sold and delivered in 2023. This year, the spotlight shines on two distinguished members of the MarineMax family, Scott Roberton and Mike Doyle, for their exceptional achievements and dedication to excellence in yacht sales.

Each year, Ocean Alexander takes the opportunity to honor the hard work, passion, and achievements of the dedicated team of sales professionals. These professionals within their exclusive dealership network not only take the time to fully study and understand the complexities and nuances of Ocean Alexander’s product line, they also are able to guide their clients into a yacht that will best suit their requirements.

Their commitment not only enhances the prestige of Ocean Alexander Yachts but also solidifies their position as a leading name in the luxury yachting industry. Scott Roberton, Yacht & Brokerage Sales Executive at MarineMax Clearwater, FL, has been awarded the top sales accolade for his unparalleled success and commitment.

With over 30 years of experience, Scott’s profound knowledge of the Ocean Alexander brand and his ability to tailor each yacht to the unique preferences of his clients have set a new standard within the industry. Reflecting on his award, Scott shared: “I am honoured to receive this recognition from Ocean Alexander, a brand that has continually evolved and expanded its product line over the past decade.

“The diversity of the four series offered by Ocean Alexander has provided me with invaluable flexibility, allowing me to tailor each yacht to meet the unique preferences and requirements of every client. Ocean Alexander has partnered with two of the top designers in the world, whose expertise and creativity have played a pivotal role in shaping these remarkable designs.

“Their dedication to innovation and excellence is evident in every hull produced within the series. I look forward to continuing our partnership and working together to exceed the expectations of our clients and elevate the standards of the yachting industry.”

Mike Doyle, Sales Consultant and Yacht Broker at MarineMax Yacht Centre in Pompano, FL, secures the second-highest sales award, celebrating his significant contributions and steadfast dedication. His gratitude extends to both Ocean Alexander and MarineMax for their support and teamwork.

“As I reflect on this honourable achievement, I am genuinely thankful to Ocean Alexander and MarineMax for their unwavering support and teamwork,” he stayed.

“Their dedication has been significant in securing these sales, and I extend my heartfelt gratitude for their partnership. Together, we’ve brought joy to our clients and truly changed their lives.”