Due to its extensive focus on cluster development to boost the economy, the city of Chihuahua in northern Mexico is to host the 27th TCI Global World Conference in October.

The event will gather global experts in automation, artificial intelligence, economic development schemes, new business models, and venture capital for the supply chain. The conference, scheduled for October 8-10 this year, will feature prominent speakers including Italian economist Mariana Mazzucato, a global authority on economic development, and Rebeca Hwang, an expert in artificial intelligence and automation.

Luis Oliver Torres García, director of Economic Development of the State of Chihuahua (DESEC) and a member of the TCI Network, said that the city of Chihuahua has been a key player in this organization, which is why the event will be held in this northern Mexican state, a national leader in exports due to its extensive maquiladora industry. Torres García explained that a cluster is an organization that brings together the private sector, academia, and the government to develop a specific economic sector through a joint strategy, and the event will include economic development organizations from 80 countries.

"This forum is precisely for that, to see what is happening between regions, what they are doing in Europe, how other countries are handling it, what other development agencies are doing in terms of supporting companies", said the economic development specialist. The city of Chihuahua was chosen to host the 26th TCI Global World Conference on 2023, for its emphasis on economic development and amid Mexico's rise as one of the main destinations for nearshoring or business relocation.

Regarding automation, Hwang will present her research on reducing the direct presence of employees on production lines to handle complex situations such as the 2020 pandemic without needing to halt operations. Meanwhile, Mazzucato will explain how major economic changes worldwide started with governments.

Founded in 1998 and based in Barcelona, TCI Network recognizes Chihuahua Capital as the fifth-best city in Mexico for entrepreneurship, the fifth worldwide in aerospace investment, and the second-best city in Mexico for quality of life.