Those visiting the Welsh coast from the Midlands this sunny Easter weekend will be able to enjoy a taste of home with pies made in the heart of the Black Country, thanks to a venture by Mad O’Rourkes Pie Factory. Iconic dishes such as the Posh ‘n’ Becks (steak and stilton); Wham Bam, Thank You Lamb (minted lamb), and the Andy Murray (curry pie) are being sold at a pub on the seafront at Aberdovey - a popular destination for holidaymakers from the Midlands, given it is one of their nearest coastal getaways.


Owner of The Britannia Inn, Dieter Botchett, said he chose to sell the iconic pies as he wanted to offer an ‘instantly recognisable’ much-loved brand to the many tourists from the region - and that the Mad O’Rourkes pies pair especially well with the Midland beer they sell on tap from Marstons. And he says the response has been overwhelming - with tourists being delighted and surprised they are able to enjoy a pie made in Tipton on the Welsh coast.

“I was looking for a brand that would sit well with our customers that come from the Midlands,” said Dieter, aged 58.

“Midland pies sit very well with us, as the Mad O’Rourkes brand is instantly recognisable. The pies are selling really well. We rotate the different flavours they offer, but the steak and stilton, the minted lamb and the vegetarian Eeny Meeny Beeny have been very popular.”

Dieter is no stranger to the West Midlands, having worked as a sales executive for Banks’s Brewery for around eight years, before moving to Aberdovey in 1989. The Aberdovey business venture is the latest way in which pie-lovers across the UK are getting their hands on the famous pastry treats from Black Country landmark Mad O’Rourkes, after the firm started up its Pies by Post scheme in lockdown, sending out its renowned pies to Black Country expats and pie aficionados all over Britain.

“We’re delighted to be filling tourists’ tummies with our delicious, handmade pies,” said Mad O’Rourkes owner Peter Towler.

“Like many Midland folk, we spend a lot of time in Aberdovey, so we’re thrilled to be able to share our high quality food with the tourists and Welsh folk there.” The pies are being sold at 17th-century coaching inn The Britannia Inn which is located on the idyllic Sea View Terrace, overlooking the Aberdovey Harbour.

When it comes to great grub, 60-year-old Peter Towler knows his stuff. He has been in the food industry all his life, being the son of a baker - and has spent 30 years managing and owning the Hurst Street-based Pie Factory, so when it comes to the finest pastry and delicious fillings, he’s your man.