Spanish sporting sensation Marc Márquez, is a self-described natural competitor. In the past 10 years, he has won 59 MotoGP races, and claimed six titles in the premier class. Before that came 26 wins in the feeder 125cc (now Moto3) and Moto2 classes, resulting in a world championship title in each. His limitless appetite for competition was an unstoppable force, until an injury in the first race of the 2020 MotoGP World Championship series threatened to end his career at its peak. “Since I was a kid, it was never enough,” said Márquez.

“If I have something, I want more. If I am fast, I want to be faster. I am a natural competitor; this is something that I think you are born with. Even when I was four years old or five, if I was losing against my father or grandfather in some games, I would cry, how do you learn that? I was born with that mentality.”

Márquez exploded onto the world stage in 2013 to become the youngest-ever MotoGP world champion at 20 years old in his rookie year. Five more titles in the premier class followed to the end of 2019, with the chance at a seventh title beckoning in 2020. However, a crash in the first race, the Spanish Grand Prix, started a domino effect of injury setbacks that ended his title hopes not only that year, but also in 2021 and 2022.

The five-part series, ‘Marc Márquez: ALL IN’, which will be available to watch on Red Bull TV from June 5, is a rare behind the scenes access to Márquez’s life. It’s the story of a young kid who enjoyed unrivalled success, who beat his heroes and then had to overcome his own adversity and undergo last chance surgery if he wanted any hope of winning a 60th Grand Prix.

“From the documentary, you can expect real drama,” reflects Márquez. It is one person making big decisions for his career and his personal life. It is ups and downs. ‘Sacrifice’, this is a good word to describe the situation.

“In the series you will see I was living in my hometown. But I moved to Madrid because the doctors and physio’s that I wanted were here. I said no to my hometown, no to my family and I completely changed my life. This was for one target; this was to try and win again. Not to again be a good rider, it is to win again.”

The series includes interviews with Marquez’s inner circle, teammates, press and even competitors he once looked up to, such as compatriot and fellow MotoGP champion Jorge Lorenzo, to paint the picture of Marquez’s life as a MotoGP rider.

“When I arrived in MotoGP, the king category, it was a surprise for everybody because I won straight away in the first year against my idols such as Valentino Rossi, Dani Pedrosa and Jorge Lorenzo. When I was a kid I had their posters, and when I played on the video game, I was Valentino Rossi,” said Márquez.

“And then in 2013 I jumped in MotoGP, and I won the category. In my career, that was the biggest thing, and I did it.” Two-time Formula One World Champion, Max Verstappen said of Marc “He does things on the bike that not many other people can do.”

He continued “You always have to keep believing that you can come back to your full strength. Once he's come back to his full strength, he's going to dominate again.” With a final roll of the dice on offer to rectify his injuries, Márquez invited cameras into his life, on and off track, for the first time ever throughout 2022. It was the journey he hoped would finally deliver him back to the top of the podium as MotoGP world champion.

The MotoGP documentary ‘Marc Márquez: ALL IN’ is a year on the road with Marc Márquez that pieces together the making of a champion athlete and provides unprecedented access at the most personal level across five episodes. It is available to watch worldwide on Red Bull TV from 5th June 2023.