Mozambique Airlines (LAM) plans to restart flights between Maputo and Lisbon in early November.

Negotiations are ongoing with EuroAtlantic Airways to use their Boeing 767 aircraft with 279 passenger capacity, benefiting from EuroAtlantic’s permanent parking facilities at Lisbon airport. LAM initially faced delays due to a lack of guaranteed apron space with another company.

Fly Modern Ark, a South African firm helping LAM overcome financial challenges, is assisting in finalizing the deal, and flights are expected to commence by mid-November. Fly Modern Ark and the current management of LAM initially believed that LAM had the necessary license to reopen the Maputo-Lisbon route.

However, they discovered upon arrival in Portugal that the license had expired in 2012 and had been kept from them. They are now in the process of obtaining a new license for Portuguese airspace.

Fly Modern Ark has a one-year contract with the government to restructure LAM, aiming to make it profitable by reducing debt, introducing new aircraft, and increasing passengers. Recent improvements include reducing LAM fares by over 30% on select routes, expanding the fleet with two Bombardier JRC 900 aircraft, introducing new domestic routes between provincial capitals, and witnessing a growth in passenger numbers.