A new bespoke tour guide service has launched online, that is changing the tour guide industry and opening up the world of private city tours to everyone. Touriocity specialises in offering affordable, private, bespoke tours in 50+ cities across the world; it is the only website that allows customers to create and book their perfect private tour, tailored to their needs, before they leave for their trip.   The company fills a gap in the market: private tours that ordinary individuals and families can afford, and can design themselves in advance, to be a memorable part of their city break or holiday: private tours are usually around 30% more expensive than Touriocity's.    Alex Grant, founder and CEO of Touriocity, says: "I used to work as a tour guide in Rome and so I know how having an expert take you round a city can be a really special experience and a highlight of your trip: a tour can make that city and its history come alive.  

I wanted to open this up, so that a private tour with an expert is something that everyone, who is 'travel curious', can enjoy, and to respond to the current trend of holidaymakers moving towards more authentic, personalised experiences, and away from group tour options.    "It was also important to me to offer a boutique, online service, so with Touriocity you can take control and design and create your perfect private tour online, before you set off on your travels, so you know you will see the sights you want to see, when you want to see them, with a friendly expert guide."  

The beauty of a Touriocity tour, apart from the price, is the fact that they are so flexible: if the customer is not sure what they want to see, Touriocity will suggest a tour of the main sights in the city, or the customer can start with a main sights tour, and tweak it according to their preferences.  In many cities Touriocity can offer customers exclusive access to places and sights, and can recommend great places to eat, drink and the best entertainment.   Touriocity employs tour guides who truly are experts in the cities they work. 

Many have relevant degrees, Masters or PhDs. For example, Giovanni, who is a tour guide in Rome, has a PhD in Archaeology and has personally dug and worked on some of the sights around the city.   Touriocity is based in London's Travel Tech Lab next to City Hall at London Bridge, and is already working with a number of well-established travel partners including Gatwick Airport, LoveHomeSwap and Mr and Mrs Smith, and in advanced discussions with many others, such as Design Hotels.