Following the relaxation around pension rules in the UK last year, British aged 55 (the minimum pension age) and over, have caught the travelling bug and are deciding to venture across the world with some of their newly accessible money. The research from the Association of British Travel Agents (ABTA) reveals that almost a million Britons are now considering dipping into their pension pots, with taking a holiday or travelling being the most popular option to spend the money on.

59% of those surveyed plan to take a 'holiday of a lifetime' and over half (56%) said that they would spend more than usual on travelling. Brining a new meaning to the phrase OAP, these older adventurous paradise-seekers are looking for a destination that will provide them with an unforgettable trip, and where better to visit than a country rife with culture and natural beauty – Brazil.

From hot springs to spa towns, below are some of the must see destinations that Brazil has to offer for a truly illustrious trip.