The artist, native from Brittany, offers a subtle blend of colours and captivating textures from Parisian studio, marked by a wonderful technical mastery, unique sensitivity, and an expression full of freedom.

In this new composition, we can distinguish soft and evocative sounds influenced by classical elements, with French impressionism harmonies firmly intertwined and surrounded by African djembes and percussions from the Middle East. A refined and delicate painting infused with impressionism, mixed with the sound and riffs of acoustic and electric guitars, perpetually accompanied by a machiavelian rock drum set and African and Middle Eastern percussions.

Maëla offers a real demonstration of freedom, peace, and virtuosity with two long improvisations on the piano and the clarinet, creating an enchanting sound framed by a storm of percussive rhythms. These diverse influences blend to create a unique and eclectic atmosphere, offering the listener a journey to distant and mysterious lands.

Her virtuoso playing, total freedom of expression, and the harmonious fusion of these different elements make her improvisations a unique and captivating auditory experience. The apex of subtlety, a soft and tender ambiance where colours and intimate phrases intertwine, eternally surrounded by proud and dancing guitars, sharp percussions melt with melancholic and fascinating chords.

Discover ‘La poupée de Machiavel,’ on Azkaban Records, on all digital platforms.