As we entered a new decade of prominence, starts with the countdown to the next NIMOGSA (Nigeria Model Green States Awards) Environmental Awards in Nigeria which was established in 2010 as an annual campaign and awards. They are facilitating yet another ground-breaking event in 2020. The Awards are aimed at recognising policymakers, leaders and individuals that have shown proactive concerns in upholding the best and acceptable environmental practice methods. Practices that are liable to project Nigeria as a responsive environmental champion in the 21st century.

This experience will foster a convivial atmosphere for peace and unity. Sustainability Icons and Pioneers are periodically recognized and rewarded by a panel of judges during months of selection from nominees. This year's event will be at an Eco-glamorous green carpet location.


* Encourage the efficient use of natural resources in the country.

* To improve environmental issues; policies and performance.

* To enhance the availability of governance through the competitiveness of organisations, agencies and the private sector

* To support the wider goals of UN environmental policies on sustainable development and cleaner nation.

* To create a safer, cleaner world.

The NIMOGSA Awards is Nigeria's leading environmental and sustainability award ceremony. Some of the previous winners include Lagos State, Edo State, Katsina State, Etisalat, Super Solar, Finetek, Kia Motors and many others.

The next edition will be held in March 2020 in Abuja, Nigeria and will be televised.

The primary aim of the NIMOGSA Awards is to facilitate the development of strong policies towards green issues, better environmental care and showcase the social relevance of keeping and safeguarding our communities.

NIMOGSA cordially invites environmentalist and green conservationists to submit their details and nominations for consideration not later than 20th January 2020. Final Nominations will be announced in February 2020.

Speaking about the Award, Ms Mary E Adikwu-Manzo, founder of NIMOGSA, said, “As part of Nigeria's 60th year of independence; this award ceremony will help bring to the forefront the issue of global warming and climate change which requires the attention of all mindful and meaningful people, towards creating a greener, healthier environment. We hope that this award ceremony creates an atmosphere where the people can unite more and exchange ideas, on initiatives that will help reduce our carbon footprint as a Nation".

As in previous events, NIMOGSA 2020 promises to be interesting, green and engrossing, as it celebrates rewarding environmental projects that demonstrate great vision, policies with positive impact, environmental guardianship and national spirit across the country.

The organisers also briefed Nigeria's Minister of Women Affairs on the strategic position and roles played by women in the country as well as the youths in combating damages to their environment and becoming ambassadors.

Updates will be provided via the NIMOGSA social media platforms, as well as through other accredited media partners, organisations and stakeholders. For partnership enquiries, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or visit


1. Eco-Friendly Buildings/Infrastructure Project of the year

2. Eco-Friendly Business of the year

3. Carbon Reduction Project of the year

4. Eco-Friendly Media of the year

5. Employee Engagement and Behavioural Change Initiative of the year

6. Energy Efficiency Project of the year

7. Environmental Management Leader of the year

8. Green Investor of the year

9. Green Product Innovation of the year

10. Emerging Sustainability Youth initiative of the year

11. State Sustainability and Community Project of the year

12. Water Management and Efficiency

13. Good Road Network and Transportation

14. Waste and Resource Management Initiative of the year.

15. Conservation of Wildlife Projects of the year

16. Pollution Emission Reduction Project Initiative of the year

17. Lifetime Achievement Award of the year

18. Online Media Blogger on Green Conservation of the Year

19. Best Educational Project of the year

20. Adherence to Environmental protection Policies of the year.

21. Media Reporter/Executive on Environmental Issues of the year

22. Environmental Awareness Campaign of the Year

MEF as an NGO is a founding partner of the NIMOGSA (which recognised outstanding individuals and organisations for their contributions to the protection of the environment and the promotion of sustainable developments), School Green Projects which support innovative, school green educational programmes, small-scale and locally driven entrepreneurs who integrate social and environmental benefits into their activities and entrepreneurial models.