The ASEANA Gardens of Shreveport are located at the corner of Texas Avenue and Common Street in downtown Shreveport. The ASEANA Spring Festival is a free, family-friendly event celebrating Asian culture through food, dance, music, fashion and more.  Each year, the festival spotlights the culture of one Asian country in particular. The Ninth Annual ASEANA Spring Festival will celebrate Laotian culture with a traditional celebration entitled “Sa Bai Dee.” “Sa bai dee” is a phrase that has many meanings in the Laotian culture; it can mean “hello,” “goodbye” or “all is well.” During the “Sa Bai Dee” Laotian cultural celebration, all members of the public are invited to experience the art, food and hospitality of Laos.

Authentic Asian cuisine, including popular Laotian favorites like thum mak hung (papaya salad), khao niav (sticky rice) and seen hang (Laotian beef jerky) will be available for purchase from food vendors beginning at 4 p.m. Music and dance performances will begin at approximately 6 p.m. Music and dance program highlights will include traditional mor-lum singers, folk singers and dancers, a Lao fashion show showcasing traditional and modern clothing from various regions of Laos, and much more. Many of the performances will be presented by members of the Laotian community of Iberia Parish, a community that is estimated to include 350-400 families. 

The ASEANA Spring Festival and the ASEANA Autumn Festival are organized and presented annually by The ASEANA Foundation, a non-profit organization based in Shreveport with a mission to promote unity and cultural diversity.