Nominations are now open for the TradeNext British Indian Awards, which recognise people of Indian heritage who have successfully established businesses, achieved a lifetime goal or made a real difference to British society. 

The Awards that look to capture the multicultural and entrepreneurial spirit in the UK as well as be a celebration of achievement by all those nominated, also highlight a major shift in the type of entrepreneurs as well as the sectors they are established in.

Mohsin Jameel, CEO of TradeNext, said: “Whilst the first generation of Indian businesses seized the opportunities the UK presented primarily for economic and security reasons for the next generation entry into business is out of choice, not a last resort.

“There’s been shift away from traditional manufacturing and retail companies towards newer, higher-tech, higher value companies in industries, like pharmaceuticals and technology, with Indian entrepreneurs taking advantage being more integrated, educated and more IT literate. Also while they may lack access to subsidised family labour, they are able to capitalise on their linguistic skills, cross cultural knowledge and business contacts.”

Following the success of previous British Indian Awards, TradeNext became a main sponsor of the event.

Mohsin added: “The Indian community has evolved in its attitude to business and at TradeNext we are keen to support future technological advancements coming from this demographic. We very much share the same philosophy and drive to succeed so being involved in the Awards makes perfect sense.”

“The British Indian Awards play an integral part in celebrating Indian talent across all walks of life in the UK. The Awards are an excellent way to promote the achievements and capabilities of individuals, businesses and groups of Indian heritage and highlight those who are pioneers in the Indian community. We’re thrilled to celebrate the success of the British Asian community and accentuate the multicultural spirit of Great Britain,” commented Irfan Younis, from event organisers Oceanic Consulting.

Winners will be announced on April 24, at the Chateau Impney Hotel, Worcestershire.