For the next three weeks, Frankfurt Airport will once again be partying with gusto. Hearty food, traditional beer tent music, and appropriate shopping specials are all being provided in the style of Oktoberfest, the world’s most famous beer festival and funfair, in the transit zones in Pier Z and on the non-Schengen level of Terminal 2.

This year the program’s highlights include the tapping of a beer keg in the Deutsch Restaurant in Pier Z, daily performances by authentic Bavarian brass bands in the marketplaces, high strikers in the duty free shops that you can use to test your strength, and a gingerbread heart painter at Wempe who sweetens every buyer’s day with a uniquely decorated Oktoberfest heart. A walk-through photo gallery acquaints you with interesting and amusing facts about this traditional event.

Various restaurants and bistros add to the experience with Bavarian specialties such as white sausages, leberkäse, sauerkraut, giant soft pretzels and liter mugs of beer fresh from the tap. The festively decorated marketplaces also invite you to leisurely browse their many richly stocked shops. Promoters wearing dirndl dresses and lederhosen are handing out multilingual fliers with exclusive Oktobercoupons that you can immediately redeem in all participating shops and restaurants here at the airport.