Waddle with the penguins at Birdland, Park & Gardens, Gloucestershire today as they celebrate Penguin Awareness Day.  Keepers will be putting your penguin know-how to the test with a special quiz about the mischievous piscivores, plus enter the competition to be in with a chance to feed the penguins. Discover the parcel of penguins living in Penguin Shore and learn all about the quirky personalities of the colony of King Penguins and comical Humboldts. Meet film stars, TV personalities and one of the World's oldest penguins!

Watch Keepers feed the two species of penguins at Birdland their nutritious fish breakfast and lunch at 11am & 2.30pm daily. They are fed buckets of Herring and Sprats, both the King Penguins and Humboldt's favourites respectively. Whilst watching the feeding hear lots of exciting facts, be introduced to each of the penguins – some of whom are social media stars! The engaging and informative talks offer the opportunity to find out more than ever about the residents.

Discover three Humboldt chicks as well as the Spike and Charlotte the King Penguins who were hand-reared at Birdland. They represent a great success in captive breeding programmes, boosting the numbers of the endangered species.

Head Keeper Alistair Keen says, “Penguin Awareness Day is a great opportunity for the Keepers at Birdland to demonstrate what amazing creatures King Penguins and Humboldts are. Visitors can learn interesting and little-known facts about the colony at Penguin Shore as well as experience life as a Penguin Keeper!”

He continues: “At Birdland we are part of the EEP, European Endangered Species Programmes, and I sit on the King Penguin Committee. We are committed to increasing the numbers and health of the endangered avian species.”

Top 5 King Penguin Facts

  • The King penguin is the second largest penguin in the World. They are about 3 feet tall and weigh up to 35lbs.
  • King penguins enjoy a game of football.
  • In the wild they are found on sub-Antarctic islands including Crozet, Prince Edward , Kerguelen, South Georgia and Mazquarie Islands.
  • King penguins hatch only one chick at a time.  Their chicks have fuzzy brown feathers for about a year after they are born
  • With up to 18 months of rearing, King Penguin chicks are the slowest chicks to reach independence of any bird!
  • Top 5 Humboldt Penguin Facts
    Humboldt Penguins are from warmer climates, along the coast of Chile and Peru.
  • They are incredibly acrobatic! The rocky habitat has made them excellent climbers and they can jump with both legs balancing themselves with the help of their flippers.
  • While hunting, they can stay underwater for up to two minutes. 
  • Humboldt penguins can have up to two incubation periods in one year, laying from 2 eggs each time.
  • Humboldts, whilst looking after their offspring, call to each other with a braying sound, like a donkey.