The ACCBA (Atlanta Caribbean Carnival Bandleaders Association) will have the presence of key representatives from Georgia’s political arena, community leadership and the Caribbean entertainment industry at the upcoming 37th annual Atlanta Caribbean Carnival.

For its 2024 edition, North America’s fastest growing Caribbean Carnival will feature Georgia State House Representative Segun Adeyina, former State Representative and current candidate for Gwinnett County Chairperson Donna McLeod, media executive and community activist Le'Dor Milteer and Dominican dynamo Asa Bantan as co-Grand Marshals of the 2024 festivities. The distinct rhythm and flavour of Dominica will permeate the downtown core of Atlanta and shine the spotlight on the ‘Nature Isle’ with Dominican Goodwill Ambassador and one of main proponents of the island’s signature Bouyon sound, Asa Bantan serving as Grand Marshal along the parade route.

Additionally, Asa will perform at the ACCBA’s major post-parade concert at the festival village (Westside Park) on Saturday May 25th. Regarding Asa Bantan’s participation in the 2024 parade, ACCBA President Patricia Tonge Edigin, shared: “Asa truly deserves this, not only is Asa a Soca/Bouyon artiste but he gives back to those in need in his homeland and who better to represent Dominica other than Asa Banton; it was a pleasure to select him as one of our Grand Marshals.”

Joining Asa Bantan as co-Grand Marshals are two highly regarded Georgian political heavyweights in the forms of Segun Adeyina and Donna McLeod, who will bring their own cultural flavour to the carnival. Adeyina is of Vincentian and Nigerian decent and is a diligent member of the Georgia House of Representatives, representing District 110, while McLeod is the first Jamaican-American to become a Representative in Georgia and remains an active member of the Gwinnett Democrats.

Rounding off this multi-dimensional collective of Grand Marshals is Le'Dor Milteer.

Milteer is a notable entrepreneur, journalism professional and advocate who has steadfastly increased visibility for several issues affecting the community. The ACCBA is very happy to have these prominent community leaders partaking in Atlanta Carnival’s upcoming grand parade in the capacity of Grand Marshals with Ms.

Tonge Edigin stating: “I feel great, they represent the Caribbean and they are the ones who have a seat at the table to get things done.” Atlanta Caribbean Carnival 2024 will boast several major events in the city’s metropolitan area which include the Children’s Carnival on May 11th, the ACCBA J’ouvert on May 24th, the Grand Parade & Concert on May 25th and the new cooler fete experience ‘Submerged’ on May 26th.