Living his life with his own personal mantra of; “Let music build a bridge and let dance help you cross it” Dhol King Gurcharan Mall BEM, CEO, is the epitome of ‘If music be the food of life, then play on’.


The multi-award winning internationally renowned dhuol drumming master is a living legend in his relentless drive to promoting Dhol and Bhangra music throughout the world for over 52 gold-laden years.


The only recognised Asian artists of note, in the world, to hold three world recordsand who also received 8 ‘Lifetime Achievements Awards’ – including one from The Phoenix Newspaper three years ago.


A Bhangra historian, artistic director, organiser, teacher, singer, music producer, writer, choreographer and ambassador, Gurcharan, best known affectionately as King G, has not only been ‘banging the drum’ for the dhol drum, he has, since 1963, been promoting his home city, Birmingham, around the world to highlight the vast musical and cultural diversity his UK hometown has to offer the world.


And only recently he was further recognised; this time awarded with the “biggest honour for my 52 years of hard work sacrificing my family life in the pursuit of introducing the Dhol drum and making it popular worldwide”, as he put it.


At the Professional University, he was blessed and honoured to receive a special award for introducing the Dhol and making popular around the world, which was presented to him by RandeepSingh Kohli, president of World Book of Records – London, at the University, in Punjab, in India.


In addition to that he was presented with another ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ (his 8th L.A.A) for introducing the Dhol worldwide by Joginder S Jogi from Punjab Youth Club Origination at the Punjab Press Club Jalandhar and became the only Asian performing artists in the world to receive three world titles:- the Dhol Guinness World Record from 315 to 632 – the Bhangra Guinness World Record from 2,167 to 4,411 – and for introducing and making the Dhol drum popular worldwide (World Book of Records London) – 2 great titles on 1 certificate.


King G says: “God is great for blessing me that I am the ONLY Asian artists in the world who got 3 World Records and also who received 8 Lifetime Achievements Awards & 1 of them is yours 3 years ago”.


A founder member of Apna Sangeet and founder of:- Nachdey Hasdey, Nachda Sansaar, Hard Kaur, Dhol Blasters, Bhangra Blasters and Band Baja, King G Mall, a living legend within our midst, is stopping at nothing to spread the love of his musicical gift – the Dhol Drum – throughout the world.