In collaboration with the Jamaica Football Federation and the Bob Marley Foundation, the Jamaica Olympic Association has pledged up to $25 million to help their Reggae Girlz in their two-legged Olympic qualifying match against Canada.

JOA (Jamaica Olympic Association)'s general secretary and chief executive officer, Ryan Foster, made the announcement of the sponsorship at a press conference held at their offices.

With the first game scheduled to take place on September 22 in Kingston's National Stadium, Foster stated that $15 million will go directly to the Reggae Girlz campaign, with the remaining $10 going to player incentives, which includes bonuses for goals scored, assists made, clean sheets, and team prizes for Olympic qualification.

Foster said: “Since met many of the Reggae Girlz for the first time, when they were called up for the Central American and Caribbean Games in 2018, they have gone on to qualify for two FIFA Women’s World Cups, and now we are saying history again, legacy again and now for the Olympic Games.

"We'd want to thank the Jamaica Football Federation, the Reggae Girlz, and the Bob Marley Foundation for their support of the Girlz. For far too long, we have seen that sport takes cash to care.

“But it also takes something more profound, that relationship, that love, that support framework required to allow our athletes to self-actualize, and we want to continue to be a part of history.” The second game is scheduled for September 26 in Toronto, Canada.