Rapidly evolving consumer expectations and the increasing importance of delivery management mean retailers need to invest in the right technology today, or risk being left behind.

That's why nShift, the global leader in delivery management, has released a new guide, "Online delivery management: buy, don't build" to help retailers make the right choice when it comes to future-proofing their systems and processes. In the battle for customers, a slick online delivery process is increasingly important, and a great deal of innovation in the coming years will enable retailers and brands to differentiate.

The nShift guide outlines the benefits to omnichannel retailers of working with technology providers, including:

1. Real carrier connectivity: the ability to tap into more than 1,000 global carriers, delivering to 190 countries around the world, straight out of the box

2.  Supporting the journey to net zero: meeting increasing customer demand and ever-more onerous regulatory requirements to understand and manage emissions

3.  The power of delivery innovation: customers will always demand more and innovation will soon become an expectation to help retailers and brands differentiate their offers

4.  Seamless integration with key business systems: the ability to integrate easily with more than 450 e-commerce, business and process management, warehouse management and payment solutions

5.  Support and uptime: having a support team on hand 24/7/365 to help address issues to maximize uptime

6.  Easy expansion into new markets: systems that can grow with the company

Johan Helman, Vice President, Product & Carrier at nShift said: "Online retail is constantly innovating to meet and exceed growing consumer expectations. 

“To keep pace, omnichannel retailers must choose between building their own systems or working with partners who will make the investment in innovation and customer experience for them.  They should work with providers who will help them deliver on the experience customers expect today, and into the future."

nShift can help online retailers and webshops make the right, long-term decisions when it comes to having a delivery management system that is fit-for-purpose. Read the full guide, "Online delivery management: buy, don't build".

Global parcel deliveries are expected to climb by 78% by 2030[1], while reports suggest 53% of consumers abandoned the purchasing process due to excessively long shipping times.  Out of online shoppers, 85% say that a bad delivery experience would discourage them from buying from the same retailer again.