Ryan Swain's high energy and natural capability to entertain a crowd of all ages was showcased last weekend at SHARDFEST which took place on the Norman Chamberlain Fields in Birmingham for it's successive 5th year running.

Ryan left many people going away feeling elated and entertained after hours of lighting up the crowds he left many going away talking about the positive vibe that he created at this years event in-between the artists. Ryan hosted the main stage on the Saturday alongside STREETCREDs very own Mark Dwayne which was a great chemistry on stage together and funnily enough it didn't take Ryan long to give the duo a name 'Swain & Dwayne.

They shared the stage with Capital Xtra's and former Radio 1 DJ Tim Westwood, exchanging everything from jokes, prize give-aways and even spitting bars together on the main-stage to keep the crowds dancing and entertained through out the show.

Ryan made his name on the live entertainment circuit and has become an household name for hosting and presenting live events across the UK. As well as a TV & Radio presenter Ryan is also a skilled UKG DJ and MC and he didn't hold back at SHARDFEST 2018 hitting the crowds with jaw-dropping freestyles and collaborating for performances live on stage with many of the well established acts who were performing including Lady Ice & Reena Sparks, So Solid Crew, Rich FX, Young Spray, DJ Dan Jolly and Oxide And Neutrino.

Yorkshire born and bread Ryan certainly didn't disappoint and has made a serious impact at SHARDFEST so much so that there's rumors circulating he's coming back to host again 2019.

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We managed to catch up with Ryan in an exclusive interview for Street Cred Magazine about SHARDFEST:

What was your biggest highlight SHARDFEST? For me there was so many, one of the biggest was meeting Matt and learning about his fantastic charity Matt's Mission who helps sick and vulnerable children some of which are terminal. I loved spending time with all those guys and meeting some of the children who he had brought to SHARDFEST with him and meeting all the VIP's and locals. Oxide & Neutrino were a highlight for me, they were smashing the UKG scene 20 years ago and still have got it now. But one of my most exciting highlights was collaborating with DJ Dan Jolly for a live MC set.

Who was your favorite artist at SHARFEST: Musically the Lotto Boys they have a lot of talent and are still currently emerging and I don't think they've completely reached the peak of their success, in my eyes it's just got going for them.

Favorite Tent at SHARDFEST? 

Gotta be STREETCRED right!? However Baby-D smashed the Raveology, you go girl!

Would you come back to SHARDFEST in 2019? 

Of course!

As a DJ who is your biggest idol?Tom Zanetti As an MC who is your biggest idol?


If you could tour doing a touring live show DJin what would it be like?

Craig Davids TS5 Show and would involved live dancers, pyrotechnics, laser show, audience participation and a complete mash-up of every UKG and Dance anthem on record.

Finally what would you like to say to everyone who came to SHARDFEST 2018?

Buy your tickets now for next year, this thing just keeps getting bigger and better and 2019 is gonna be huge and definitely not to be missed!