Drinking tap water can help you save money and stay healthy, says WaterSafe, the UK accreditation scheme for approved plumbers. The call comes after a survey showed the number of people who choose to drink tap water instead of still bottled water has fallen in the past year. Two litres of tap water costs less than a 1⁄3 of a penny on average, compared to 45p for a supermarket’s own brand of bottled water or 90p for a named brand.

Julie Spinks, Director of WaterSafe, said: “The drinking water supplied by water companies in the UK is among the best in the world. It undergoes rigorous testing every day to ensure it meets strict guidelines set out by the World Health Organisation, standards, which bottled water is not always tested against.

“Drinking plenty of fresh healthy tap water in the summer months not only helps keep everyone hydrated and healthy, it’s also a great alternative to bottled water, which comparatively is more expensive, or sugary drinks which are less healthy and can be a drain on the budget.”

WaterSafe only approves plumbers who have specific qualifications in the laws which are designed to keep drinking water safe in homes, offices and public buildings. A WaterSafe approved plumber will only use approved fittings and will help ensure the water supplied by water companies stays fresh and healthy until it reaches taps.

The drinking water survey, undertaken by the Consumer Council for Water, shows the proportion of respondents who said they usually drink tap water at home had dropped by around 11 per cent since 2015.

Similar falls were observed for tap water consumption in the workplace (12 per cent) and in cafés and restaurants (11 per cent).