With one of the largest biological diversities in the world, rich native cultures, and 6 World Heritages declared by the UNESCO, Bolivia distinguishes as a diverse unspoiled country with extraordinary places to visit (you probably heard that among them is the amazing salt flats or “Salar de Uyuni").

Unmistakably the Uyuni Salt Lake is one of the most surreal landscape, the largest salt flat in the world than can even be seen from the space. Exploring the amazing empty white landscape is an incredible experience and a must-do while in Bolivia.

Located in the south-west of Bolivia Uyuni Salt Lake is truly an extraordinary piece of nature. Spending a night in one of the Salt hotels situated on the edge of the salt flats to appreciate the landscape at sunrise and sunset.
You can witness the splendor and beauty of the Uyuni Salt Lake after a rain as the water on the salt looks like a mirror and reflects the sky above

Lake Titikaka is the highest navigable in the world shared between Bolivia and Peru and has the most wonderful landscapes. With ancient ruins and traditional villages dotted around the lakeside, the waters of TITIKAKA LAKE are a beautiful blue, reflecting the hills, mirroring the sky and changing color when it is cloudy.

Take a boat from the town of Copacabana and explore the Sun Island. Some ruins like the Pilkokaina Palace, the Inca’s Fountain, and the 200 stairs of Yumani are part of this beautiful Island, worth to see it.

The Madidi National Park is home to some of the greatest richness of Bolivia and is also one of the world’s priorities for conservation, also one of the extraordinary reservoirs of genetic material on the planet. The park is characterized by its exceptional wealth of biological riches and variety of ecosystems.

The Madidi National Park is made up of snow-capped mountains, glaciers, high Andean lagoons, deep valleys and canyons, cliffs, torrid rivers and waterfalls. All of these landscapes add up to create some of the most stunning scenery you will ever see.

If you prefer tours and services that demonstrate social, cultural and environmental sensitivity, while you enjoy the peaceful nature, this is your place.