Severn Trent is working hard to protect its customers by fighting fat! The company has been removing tonnes of fat from the sewers to help prevent flooding in customer’s homes and businesses. Aaron McCusker, senior network technician for Severn Trent, says: “Fat and grease are good for lots of things, but one thing they’re definitely not good for is our sewers. “When poured down the sink, they quickly solidify and cause blockages in the pipes, which are a lot smaller than people might imagine, and this can lead to the nightmare that is sewer flooding for you or your neighbours.”

In the last year Severn Trent has been called out to nearly 50,000 blockages across its region, and has found the sewers are full of fat.

“We want people to remember the 3 P’s – that only paper, pee and poo should go down the loo, and all fats, oils and greases from cooking should be binned rather than tipped down the kitchen sink,” said Aaron. “By doing that, you’re helping to prevent your or your neighbour’s home from being flooded.”

The company looks after 57,000 miles of sewer pipes and collects 32,000 litres of waste water every second, so making sure it’s network is well looked after is important in making sure that its customers are protected.


Severn Trent encourages its customers to keep bins in the bathroom and offers a solution to fats, oils and grease by giving away free gunk pots. To apply for your free gunk pot, visit