Climate-KIC's West Midlands Regional Innovation Centre is re-running an updated version of their 'decarbonising buildings' course. The course will run between July 1-8.  

The Innovator Catalyst is an intensive, eight-day residential workshop, aimed at overcoming the challenges that building professionals face when constructing low-carbon buildings or providing low-carbon products and services to the market.

Participants will be expected to bring a relevant case study of real-life issues (e.g. a problem or potential opportunity) that they are experiencing or have experienced in their work.

It will be facilitated by a cross-European team of coaches who will engage participants in interactive sessions and activities. It will also feature seminars from experts such as Ron van Erck of Energiesprong, Dr Lydia Sterrenberg of the Delft Research Institute for Transitions, Ralf Pelkmann of ABG Nova and Matt Osborne of Carillion Energy Savers.