With cooler, fresher days approaching and the scent of autumn in the air, now is the perfect time to discover new passions, hobbies and fun activities.

Locals looking for new things to do throughout the UK this autumn can check out the newly launched experiences platform Let's GoDo which offers a range of unique activities, designed and led by passionate hosts. From Arabic calligraphy in Leeds to sneaker workshops in Cardiff and artisan chocolate classes in Windsor, there's something new for everyone to discover, no matter where they're heading this Autumn.

Abstract Arabic Calligraphy in Leeds - In this abstract Arabic calligraphy workshop, passionate host Hafifa helps guests to discover the history, technique and art behind Arabic script. With a focus on learning how to form letters and create abstract patterns in a slow, mindful way, this is relaxing way to unlock new creative skills.

Sunday Slowdown Spa Experience in East Sussex - This Sunday Five Seasons Retreats session brings guests together in nature to experience the rejuvenating effects of movement, bathing rituals, food and community. Designed to mimic a day's retreat at a fraction of the cost, guests will participate in yoga, a discussion on cyclical living and be free to enjoy spas, traditional saunas, cold showers and salt scrubs.

Sneaker Workshop in Cardiff - From her charming Victorian coach house studio, passionate leatherworker Eli offers guests the chance to create their very own pair of sneakers from scratch. Whether guests are crafting novices, experienced makers or fashion enthusiasts, they can relish the chance to learn more about the process of making sneakers from top to toe and leave with their very own pair of handcrafted sneakers to show off to the world.

Archaeological Tour of the Hope Valley in Derbyshire - Delve into the hidden past of the Peak District with Tom, an archaeologist whose mission is to widen public knowledge about the intriguing and little-known history of this beautiful region. From the Roman period through to the present day, guests will discover how the valley has developed over time whilst admiring the spectacular scenery.

Modern Batik Art Workshop in Birmingham - Highly prized in Malaysian culture, this modern Batik workshop will see guests join Ying in a fun and therapeutic workshop to discover the art of batik wax-resist dyeing whilst tucking into delicious dumplings from Blow Water Café. Experimenting with numerous colours and designs, guests can look forward to coming away with their own beautiful piece of Batik to impress their family and friends at home.

Chocolatier Workshop in Windsor - Located in a small, family-run chocolate factory, Dr Chocs, this hands-on workshop is an introduction to the art of marbling, piping, and dipping delicious chocolate. In little under an hour, guests will craft their own luxurious truffles, artistic chocolate bars and elegant bonbons, all destined to become indulgent treats at home.