Following on from the release of their highly-praised 2020 LP ‘Darkness Brings Wonders Home’ — which was applauded by the likes of Mojo, Clash Magazine, Q and many more — alt-folk duo Smoke Fairies return once again to announce the details behind their sixth studio album ‘Carried In Sound’, previewed by the wondrous new single “Vanishing Line”.

Continuing to pursue more of that warm and ethereal aesthetic the pair have cultivated since their earliest beginnings, “Vanishing Line” makes for a wonderfully warm and emotive introduction to their next full-length release. Accompanied by a cinematic video, the new offering tackles the difficult and intimate feelings loss and grief can have on a person and those around them.

A sense of inner strength dominates the new record. In keeping with the times that bore it, ‘Carried In Sound’ isn’t afraid to discuss darkness – but everywhere there is a longing for light. “Although the album has themes of sadness on there, it’s looking at those things from a place of strength,” says Jessica.

"We're really excited to announce a new record, carefully home crafted to represent our core sound, with notes of reflection, grief and joy, we hope you find it an emotive, rewarding experience to listen to." To celebrate the release of ‘Carried In Sound’, Smoke Fairies will also embark on an intimate five-date tour across the UK taking in spectacular churches and ruins.

See below for the full list of confirmed dates and find more information.

Tonight (21st Nov) - Portsmouth, Square Tower [Sold Out]
22nd Nov - Nottingham, Metronome
23rd Nov - London, St Matthias Church
24th Nov - Leeds, Hyde Park Book Club
25th Nov - Manchester, St. Michael’s

Smoke Fairies is a project founded on friendship. Katherine Blamire and Jessica Davies have known one another since they were kids, forming a band to escape the humdrum of high school. Over time, it’s become the one true constant in their lives – moments of joy or sadness may pass, but there’s a permanency to Smoke Fairies, and what it adds to their soul.

On new album ‘Carried In Sound’ the duo prove themselves to be utterly self-reliant, moving through a pandemic, home recording, and true independence to forge something completely faithful to their ambitions. Recorded in a terrace house with the volume dialled down to protect the neighbours, the results have a curiously intimate, hushed appeal.

A record that feels remarkably self-contained, ‘Carried In Sound’ is truly special, marked by audio invention, and a desire to speak nothing but the truth. A break from their former work, the album carries a very unique form of magic.

“It wasn’t particularly odd for us to make a record in isolation,” Katherine notes. “But we had so much personal stuff going on – losing family members, for example. We wanted to explore themes of grief and loss in a way we hadn’t done previously. We tried to be very raw.”

It's a record marked by their incredible experiences. Two kids who made their way to New Orleans to uncover the blues, Smoke Fairies became the first UK band to sign with Jack White’s Third Man imprint, later recording with the man himself. Releasing two hugely successful albums on the mighty V2 Records, they’ve sold out countless UK tours in the process. Now working on a completely independent basis, fans were kept in the loop through the process of recording this album via their Patreon subscription page – it’s a true community. 

“Our journey through music has really been this rollercoaster, with all sorts of ups and downs,” says Jessica. “But we’ve settled on something now which is balanced and positive – we do everything on our own terms. It feels incredibly empowering to be able to say that.”

Limitation became a means of invention. Digging a jumble sale keyboard back out of the cupboard, Smoke Fairies would use whatever came to hand for ad hoc percussion – bin lids, old suitcases, and a broken snare drum borrowed from their nine-year-old neighbour. “I love the sound of things that are broken,” Katherine says. 

“We didn’t make it easy for ourselves… but we wanted it to be unique.” Blurring the lines between autobiography and storytelling, ‘Carried In Sound’ is enriched by their own experiences.

Written with specific spaces – and a specific audience – in mind, it will be accompanied by an intimate UK tour, frequently making use of church spaces. A complete aesthetic statement, it often moves like a perfume – scarcely perceptive in its subtlety yet conjuring profound memories. 

“Music is a spiritual place – it’s a place of shelter,” Katherine affirms. “There's something about the process of being quieter that can be a bit more considered.” Moving away from their past, ‘Carried In Sound’ embodies something timeless.

Forged through friendship, it’s a series of happy accidents, radiating a joyful sadness. “Everything happens for a reason,” Jessica notes.. “But equally, everything is a reaction.

“We’ve done this record completely on our own, and this feels important,” Katherine says. “It proves that we’re enough.”