The National Environmental Services Survey unveiled a startling statistic: just 11% of environmental services professionals in the UK believe that the Government will meet its goal of achieving net-zero emissions by 2050. This concerning finding, among others, sheds light on the urgency for accelerated action and collaborative efforts to combat climate change.

The Survey, conducted in collaboration with experts and stakeholders nationwide, provides a comprehensive examination of the nation's most pressing environmental concerns. Through extensive data collection, valuable insights, and unique perspectives, the survey aimed to gain a deep understanding of environmental challenges and drive effective solutions. 

Among the survey's key findings was the surprising statistic revealing the lack of confidence in the Government's ability to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Environmental professionals, who possess critical knowledge and expertise, express concern regarding the ambitious goal set by the Government. This finding highlights the imperative for enhanced efforts and collaboration to address climate change and transition towards a sustainable future.

The National Environmental Services Survey also uncovered insights that underscore the challenges faced by the environmental sector. Funding limitations, rising costs, budgetary pressures, and the current economic situation emerged as prominent obstacles. These hurdles must be addressed to ensure the continuity of environmental initiatives driving meaningful change.

Additionally, the results highlighted greenwashing as the aspect most environmental professionals would like to change within the sector. Greenwashing is the act of a company using advertising and PR to appear more environmentally sustainable than it really is. This finding emphasises the importance of transparency and genuine sustainability efforts to build trust and create lasting environmental impact. 

Encouragingly, 80% of organisations surveyed either have or plan to implement a net-zero strategy. This demonstrates a widespread commitment to tackling the climate crisis and transitioning towards a greener, more sustainable future, within the environmental services sector. 

Environmental professionals, stakeholders, and the wider community are invited to actively engage with the survey results at the Environmental Services & Solutions Expo (ESS) on 13-14 September at the NEC, Birmingham. The survey's results will take centre stage at ESS, the largest gathering of environmental professionals in the UK, welcoming 12,000+ visitors to share best practices, hear from environmental leaders, and collectively shape the future of the planet.