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A ground-breaking new short film highlighting the need for foster carers who can make a difference to the lives of local children - including those who can help keep brothers and sisters in care together - was launched at a premiere in Birmingham on Wednesday, May 3.

City of Wolverhampton Council is one of 13 local authorities that worked together with Reel Twenty Five to produce ‘Giants’ – a three-minute film telling the story of Jack and Ellie, a brother and sister who want to stay together when they find themselves in foster care.

Councillor Val Gibson, City of Wolverhampton Council Cabinet Member for Children and Young People, said: “This is an extremely moving film and really helps to get across the urgent need we have for people to come forward as foster carers, especially those who have that extra space to help keep brothers and sisters together. We sincerely hope that people who are considering taking the next step into fostering will be inspired to get in touch.

“We are fortunate that here in Wolverhampton we already have more than 200 people who are fostering local children, but we are looking to recruit at least 30 more carers this year.”

The launch was attended by invited guests from each local authority including foster carers, care leavers, councillors, chief executives and officers, as well as representatives from The Fostering Network and the cast and crew of the film, who all saw the finished film for the first time.

Following the launch, ‘Giants’ is available to view online at, on the Fostering for Wolves Facebook page and on the Wolverhampton Today You Tube channel. A 30-second version will also be shown as an advert on Sky TV to households in the City of Wolverhampton.

The local authorities, who worked together to produce ‘Giants’ are City of Wolverhampton Council, Coventry City Council, Birmingham City Council, Solihull Council, Telford and Wrekin Council, Walsall Council, Leicester City Council, Leicestershire County Council, Sandwell Council, Worcestershire County Council, Stoke-on-Trent City Council, Derby City Council and Staffordshire County Council.

The theme of ‘giants’ was devised to depict people who act as role models to young people in care such as their foster carers and teachers, and to highlight the strong bond between siblings as they care for each other in life and become ‘giants’ to each other.

The film launch has been timed to coincide with the start of Foster Care Fortnight, the UK’s biggest foster carer recruitment campaign, which gets underway on Monday, May 8.

After months of debate and commentary, voters in Birmingham will go to the polls on Thursday 4th May, 2017 to vote on who the new mayor of the West Midlands should be. The candidates are: Labour’s Sion Simon, Conservative Andy Street, Liberal Democrat’s Beverley Nielsen, UKIP’s Pete Durnell, Green candidate James Burn and Communist candidate Graham Stevenson.

Prominent policies that have emerged during the campaign include increasing youth employment, developing a proper transport system within the West Midlands and ensuring that there are enough houses to meet increasing demand.

The two favourites for the position of mayor, per the polls are Labour’s Sion Simon, and Conservative candidate Andy Street.  They agree on the key issues, but disagree over how to handle them.

Sion Simon would convene a board of leaders in education in the West Midlands and receive their advice about the best way to approach improving education within the area. He would then implement their suggestions in order to create what he believes to be a more effective and skilful workforce.

Andy Street, on the other hand would meet with teachers and education experts, canvas their opinions and then mould their suggestions to his view of how things should be improved. He would also implement a digital boot camp, to help increase the digital skills of young people in the West Midlands, followed by introducing apprenticeships and youth employment schemes aimed at giving young people a foot on the ladder.

Simon and Street follow a similar path to their fellow candidates Beverley Nielsen and James Burn who would issue bus and metro passes at affordable rates to encourage people to travel by public transport services. They would also propose increasing the metro lines within Birmingham itself.

The issue of increasing the number of houses within the West Midlands is where candidates differentiated themselves. Some like Mr Street believe that houses should be built on the green belt and the brown belt, whilst others such as Mrs Nielsen were in favour of using brown belt sites.

There are still two days left before voting takes place, so there is still time for undecided voters to make up their mind. This election is an important one for deciding the present and future direction of the West Midlands. Make sure to get out and vote for the candidate that you think most benefits you!

By Vivek Rajkhowa


At the break of dawn on Tuesday 2 May, BridgeClimb Sydney and Australian Academy of Tai Chi and Qigong, came together to host the world first Tai Chi class at the top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge.

134 metres above the waking city, Grand Master Gary Khor and Master Aaron Khor, who run Tai Chi schools across Australia, led a group of 14 Climbers, comprised of Tai Chi instructors and students, and health and fitness social media influencers through several serene Tai Chi sequences.

After ascending the famous arches, Tai Chi fans were securely attached to the participants for the ancient martial arts sequences, each marked with the Yin Yang symbol representing two forces coming together, often found in Tai Chi practice.

BridgeClimb hosted the event on the famous coat-hanger, itself a symbol of bringing people together, to celebrate multiculturalism through the Chinese Martial Art that serves as an important form of cultural exchange between nations.

Grand Master Gary Khor and Master Aaron Khor came on board to share their experience and passion of health through the ancient slow moving martial art.

Grandmaster Khor said, “Tai Chi is a mind-body healing art which refreshes and energise your whole being. Tai Chi is a mindful moving meditation which relaxes your body, focus your mind, and lift your spirit. Just like this uplifting feeling on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on this beautiful morning.

“Tai Chi brings together people of all ages and all cultures to cultivate good health, fitness, relaxation and the ability to move through life skilfully. The tranquillity found at summit of the Sydney Harbour Bridge at dawn, provided a perfect and beautiful setting for our sequences”.

Loren Wattling who participates in the event said, “It was such a beautiful morning on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Very exciting to climb to the top and take in breathtaking views of the city and then so incredibly peaceful to be taken through some Tai Chi moves at the top”.

BridgeClimb was thrilled to host this multicultural health and fitness event, a further demonstration of their ongoing commitment to develop special events catering to all manner of interests, Sydney's festivals and international markets.

In the last few years, BridgeClimb has hosted special limited edition Climbs and one-off special events for local and international festivals and celebrations including, World Yoga Day, Diwali the Hindu Festival of Light, Chinese New Year, Valentine's Day and Vivid Sydney's The Vivid Climb.

The only way was Walsall College for TV personality, James Argent, from ITV2's ‘The Only Way Is Essex’. He visited the Ofsted outstanding college on Thursday 27th April to help promote a celebrity charity football match set for May at Walsall Football Club.

James, along with a host of other celebrities including former boxer Joe Calzaghe, EastEnders actor Jake Wood and former England footballer Wayne Bridge will be playing in the game, with television personality Katie Price and Coronation Street actor Shayne Ward managing the two teams.

The Smiling Saddlers v Compton Wolves match is taking place at the Banks's Stadium on Saturday 13th May in aid of the 'Smile for Joel' and Compton Hospice charities.

All proceeds raised from the event, organised by Sellebrity Soccer and sponsored by Tile Choice, will be split equally between the two charities.

Walsall College Travel and Tourism Lecturer, Suzi Richards set up Smile for Joel in memory of her son, Joel Richards, who was also a former student at the college, dad and brother, who tragically lost their lives in the 2015 Tunisia terror attack.

James said: “It’s an honour to be asked to play in the team as it’s for two great charities which touch many hearts. I’m looking forward to seeing people around Walsall turnout on the day and make it a great atmosphere.”

Smile for Joel aims to support and help families who are victims of traumatic bereavement.

Suzi Richard said: “We are extremely grateful to James and all the other celebrities who have confirmed their attendance at the match. We are hoping to raise a lot so we can continue to help other families in similar situations to ourselves. If anyone hasn’t bought their tickets yet I would encourage them to do so as it will be a great family day out in aid of a good cause.”

According to a poll, conducted by Lancashire baker Holland's Pies, it's suppers and not slippers that will please pops this Father's Day. Proving that food really is the way to a man's heart, almost a third (28%) of UK dads said they'd prefer their favourite pie over a fancy gift this June with a further 30% opting for a chippy tea as their treat of choice.

Surprisingly, a relaxing massage only tempted 14% of dads but 27% did opt for a pint down their local pub to celebrate the occasion.

Leanne Holcroft, Brand Manager at Holland's Pies said: “This research really does show that it's the thought that counts, rather than an expensive or extravagant gift this Father's Day! It's great to see that something as simple as their favourite pie is the way to Dad's heart, and will be especially welcome news to those who are a little strapped for cash.”

More than 25,000 Wolverhampton residents taking part in the city’s Beat the Street initiative are being asked to make a final push to help raise up to £1,000 for Compton Hospice.

Over the past five weeks, one in ten people living in Wolverhampton have been taking part in Beat the Street – the physical activity initiative that encourages people to walk and cycle by transforming the city into a giant game.

With the game finishing on Wednesday, May 3, participants are being urged to break the 196,000 mile barrier to help local charity Compton Hospice land a grand from game organisers Intelligent Health.

Compton Hospice PR & Marketing Officer Charlotte Lilley said: “We are delighted that the people of Wolverhampton have chosen to support Compton Hospice as part of the Beat the Street campaign and want to urge as many people as possible to get involved with the challenge.

“The money will go directly to funding patients and their families living with the effects of incurable illnesses.  This year the hospice is celebrating its 35th anniversary so why not help us mark this milestone by clocking up a few miles yourself?”

Beat the Street participants in Wolverhampton have already walked 140,700 miles for the competition. With 55,300 miles left to go, the organisers will be offering a variety of bonus events and prizes to help the city reach its target.

Councillor Paul Sweet, City of Wolverhampton Council Cabinet Member for Public Health and Wellbeing said: “It’s great to see so many people taking part in Beat the Street, the game really has taken the city by storm. With only one week to go I’d encourage everyone to give it a final push and tap as many boxes as they can. Not only will we be supporting Compton Hospice but we want to see how far the city can travel together.”

It is still not too late to take part and support this amazing cause, so if you haven’t already, pick up a Beat the Street card at your nearest library or council leisure centre and start playing.

Whilst there has been a boom in interest in healthy living, evidently this obsession has not been extended to the wellbeing of the nation’s pets.  But good nutrition is just as essential to dogs in order for them to live a healthy, long life and it is something placed entirely into the hands of their owners. A poor diet can manifest in a number of ways that are detrimental to a dogs’ health, some of which aren’t necessarily obvious.

A shiny healthy coat is a sign of a healthy dog. If a dog’s coat starts to lose its shine and appear dull, it could be a sign that they aren’t receiving sufficient levels of nutrition in their food. If this is the case, it is best to feed them foods like tuna, salmon and sardines that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. You can add these to your dog’s existing meals and should not receive any complaints, dogs find them delicious!

Alternatively, a teaspoon of vegetable oil in your dog’s food can really aid in returning the shine to their coat. Joint problems

Joint problems are a very common problem for dogs, particularly in larger breeds. One of the ways the problem is exacerbated is by dogs being overweight. This causes excess strain and pressure on the joints which causes real discomfort. The main symptom of arthritis in dogs is pain in the joints which causes tension in the muscles. Muscle tension is also a result of over-eating due to the accumulation of waste metabolic products that are produced. It is therefore vitally important to carefully measure the amounts a dog is being fed.

Though you may think it more beneficial to rest the joints, controlled exercise is encouraged as it increases circulation which supplies joints with nutrients and oxygen whilst removing metabolic waste and toxins which cause pain. We would recommend 3-4 times a day in small amounts, activities like swimming, under water walking and physical therapy.

Add a supplement to your dog’s diet to alleviate the pain in their joints.  AniForte Mobility Wonder is high in pure collagen, olibanum and omega-3 as these ingredients counteract the deficiencies that can cause joint wear.


We are a nation of pet lovers to the extreme. Our dogs are like our family and we want to spoil them! But we could be killing them with kindness. You don’t have to look far to find evidence of obesity amongst the nation’s pets. According to a recent survey by the Pet Food Manufacturing Association 81% of veterinary professionals believe the issue of pet obesity is getting worse*. There are a few easy ways to tell if your dog is carrying too much weight.

Make sure you can feel your dog’s ribs and the curve to their lower body is visible. A dog should experience no difficulty when getting up, if they look like they’re struggling to do so - excess weight could be a cause. Beware if you find that when you take your dog for a walk they’re having issues with their breathing or tire out far more quickly than they used to.


Certain feeding techniques like ‘free feeding’ are certainly not advisable, it means you have no perspective on how much your dog is consuming. Food portions should be measured in line with your dog’s weight to ensure they’re having a healthy amount of food each meal time.

Some dog owners feed their dogs the scraps and leftovers of the food they have prepared for themselves. Not all human foods are appropriate for dogs and some are even toxic! Onions for example, can be unsafe for dogs.

Weight loss

If your dog is overweight feed them less carbohydrates and fats as well as abstaining from handing out any snacks in between meals. It is also better to spread the feeding out and give them 2-3 small meals a day, rather than one large meal. Of course, exercise is vital! Controlled activities at least 3 times a day will produce good results.

So many dogs love food and don’t have a sense of when they are full. You could even be led to think they are hungry with begging eyes! The AniForte SlimVital - Weight Loss Supplement contains fibre-rich psyllium husks that swell up in the stomach, helping the dog to feel full and suppressing their desire to beg and overeat.


Allergies can show themselves in a number of ways such as ear infections, itchy skin, or diarrhoea and vomiting. Which foods are triggering the reaction can be hard to work out. It is best to eliminate one at a time to work out what is causing the reaction then avoid feeding them that from then onwards.

A lot of dry pet food contains grain which is an allergen for many animals. Instead it is best to look out for grain free pet food.

A dogs’ digestive tract is developed for protein and fat digestion which makes the starch contained in dry dog food hard to handle. Wet foods that contain a lot of meat can be easier to digest.

Gum Disease

Gum disease is a further result of a poor diet and is noticeable if a dog starts to develop bad breath, a loss of appetite or inflamed gums. Usually, gum disease is caused by the formation of tooth tartar, which is a result of the gathering of waste matter in a dog’s saliva. A dog that is provided with a balanced, nutritional diet will be able to prevent the accumulation of waste matter and in turn tarter.

Despite often being born out of love and a want to spoil beloved pets, what we feed our dogs can have a serious effect on their health. Feeding dogs a nutritious and natural diet will have an all-round benefit to their health and even appearance!

McKee’s crossover success has helped him to achieve millions upon millions of YouTube viewers, underscoring his emergence as one of today’s most unique and influential artists. He has been featured as a cover story in both Acoustic Guitar Magazine in the US and Acoustic Magazine in the UK, and is also the figurehead of the unique Guitar Masters tours. MeKee’s tour dates have taken him through Europe, Asia, Australia and North America, including tours with legendary acts including Price and Dream Theater.

Live performances of Andy’s have become a point of fascination with his loyal followers. So, in late 2015, Andy decided it was time to release a live album. Featuring tracks from his entire catalog, LLive Book was recorded live in December 2015 at The Melting Point in Athens, GA, the Red Clay Music Foundry in Duluth, GA and Workplay in Birmingham, AL. McKee went through the recordings from all three shows and selected the finest takes of each set. Reflecting on the song choices, he looks to provide current fans the chance to relive their favourite shows, and hopes that he can showcase the energy he creates for those who haven’t been able to attend a show and new fans alike.

“I’ve always wanted to do a live album; for quite a few years I’ve felt it’s something that has been missing from my collection of releases,” says McKee. “This album will feature some of my YouTube hits like ‘Drifting’ and ‘Rylynn’, some songs from my 2014 EP Mythmaker, and a cover of a Michael Hedges song called ‘Because It’s There’ played on harp guitar that I haven’t released yet.”

McKee is the first artist to be signed to CGP Sounds, the record label founded by fellow guitarist Tommy Emmanuel.

“I’m honoured to be a part of his label. I heard Tommy 15 years ago at a festival in Kansas and was blown away by his playing and performing, and I still am,” McKee stated. “To be the first person on his label is surreal, and I’m excited and proud to be a part of it.”

Live Book is set to be released digitally in Europe on February 12 and worldwide (digitally and physically) on April 22. The album, McKee’s first live record, will be released through CGP Sounds.

Bad parking is being stamped out in Cradley Heath with a new red route banning parking and stopping at any time.
Vehicles will be prevented from parking on a mile-long stretch of Forge Lane, Lower High Street, Foxoak Street and Upper High Street.
The red lines will be put down overnight on Tuesday 2 May and the rules will come into force from Thursday 4 May.
The work is being done to prevent parking on the pavements and on narrow stretches of the road which causes problems for pedestrians and traffic.
The council has received multiple complaints about vehicles blocking pavements and preventing drivers from passing due to parked cars.
The scheme is costing approximately £4,000 and the lines are being put down between 7pm on Tuesday and 5am on Wednesday.

Old yellow lines will also be removed - the work may take a little longer if the weather is bad.

A University of Wolverhampton graduate has published her experience of studying at the Wolverhampton School of Art in a prestigious art magazine in Europe.

Patty Wouters, 60, an art teacher from Belgium, studied for her Master’s Degree in Applied Arts (Ceramics and Glass) and graduated in 2015.  Her article, which describes her experience of returning to study as a mature, distance learner, was published in the Dutch ceramics magazine, Klei.

She said: “Due to various circumstances, I felt I was ‘stuck’ in my own artistic work and was looking for a new challenge.  Some of my English colleagues encouraged me to go back to some kind of training or education.  Study for mature students isn’t really on offer for people in Belgium which is why I chose to study abroad.

“The University has a well-developed ceramic and glass department with renowned teachers who have exhibited worldwide and have been published in international ceramic magazines. Most of my learning was done online through Skype, WhatsApp and email and I continued to do practical work in my own studio in Belgium.

“What struck me in England was how many mature students were returning to study – this would be considered absurd in the part of Europe where I live.  My education at the University of Wolverhampton was a tremendous enriching accomplishment that I would definitely recommend to anyone looking for guidance and new inspiration.”

Dr David Jones, Ceramics Lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton, said:  “The published article describes Patty’s enriching experience of not only returning to education in later life, but learning in a different country and in a completely new way.

“As a long established School of Art, we welcome international students from all over the world and Patty’s success story is a great testimony to the expertise and commitment of staff who encourage students to push their artistic boundaries in order to achieve.”

Parents looking to buy a property close to a primary school rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted face paying a premium of more than £50,000.

New figures from Rightmove show the average asking price of homes in the successful admission zone of high-performing Grade 1 schools is £52,372 or 18 per cent higher than in areas around Grade 3 institutions.

There is also a 12 per cent (average of £37,000) hike in prices between properties near mid-range Grade 2 schools and those in Grade 1.

Kevin Shaw, national sales director at property specialist Leaders, says: “With 86 per cent of ‘outstanding’ primary schools already oversubscribed, living in an area with the best chance of being accepted by one has become a priority for many parents.

“Living close to the right school has long been an important factor for home hunters, but the latest figures suggest people are now willing to pay even more for the privilege. Indeed, many movers admit to compromising on other issues in order to live close to a school above all else.

“Buyers should remember that some of the top schools have a very small successful admission area – sometimes measured in metres – so they should always check whether a property was in this area in the last academic year before completing a purchase.”

Parents in the West Midlands face paying the largest premium to live near a Grade 1 school, with a mark-up of 32 per cent in comparison with properties close to Grade 3 schools. It was followed by the north-west (27 per cent) and Yorkshire and Humber (22 per cent). The smallest premiums were found in the East Midlands, north-east and London (all 13 per cent).

Kevin adds: “With incredible demand for properties close to the best schools and an overall lack of supply in the market also helping to push up prices, those who live within a successful admission zone may wish to consider the benefits of selling – particularly if they no longer have children of a school age.

“Many are likely to be surprised by just how much their home is now worth and how high demand from parents can help them to get a great price.”

The Vaisakhi open air celebrations is a not-for-profit community event taking place today, and celebrated in Birmingham; the most cosmopolitan and vibrant city in Europe. A cornerstone of Birmingham success has been that of its citizens celebrating their heritage together.

The Council of Sikh Gurdwaras in Birmingham (CSGB) organises the prestigious Vaisakhi Nagar Keertan event. This is a combination of 2 holy street processions and a communitiy celebration in Handsworth Park. This is the ultimate way to celebrate Vaisakhi in Birmingham.  This year the open air celebrations will take place on Sunday 30 April 2017.

Check out for more information!

In connection with Chief Minister Talent Hunt Program, Rawalpindi Arts Council (RAC) arranged a divisional painting competition here on Monday aim to provide platform to young artists aged 18-35 years. The top three artists were given cash rewards of Rs.150,000, Rs.100,000 and Rs.75,000 respectively. Encouragement reward of Rs.10,000 each was given to ten artists of Rawalpindi region.

In the painting competition held at the RAC, Chairman Metro bus and PML-N Senior leader Muhammad Hanif Abbasi was chief guest flanked by Additional Commissioner Tariq Mehmood Tariq, Naheed Manzoor and Resident Director of RAC Waqar Ahmed. The competitors were given a portrait of Ustad Allah Bux to paint on the canvas provided by this Council.

Top three artists will take part in the provincial level competition to be held in Lahore. Shields were given to all participants of the competition. Asma Bibi got first position; Sonam Nawaz secured second position while Shumaila got third position. Ten awards of encouragement were given to Asher Masih, Numaira Javed, Wahaj Ahmed, Aleena Azhar, Anum Akram, Asifa Jabeen, Sadia Naurin, Sania Imtiaz, Fatima Naveed and Tayyaba Hassan.

Speaking on the occasion, Muhammad Hanif Abbasi said it was the vision of Chief Minister Punjab to make the youth self-employed and include them in national development. He said Chief Minister Talent Hunt Program is a positive step of the government where youth has been enabled to show their hidden talent.

Wolverhampton Grand Theatre are appealing for information on an actor who appeared in a production of The Little Minister in 1909.

The Little Minister is a play published in 1897 based on the 1891 novel by the author of Peter Pan, J.M. Barrie.

Chief Executive of the Grand Theatre, Adrian Jackson recently received a framed collection of old postcards featuring nine cast members, photographed in costume from the play, The Little Minister. On the back, they have been signed and posted to a Mr William Oliver at Darlington Street, Wolverhampton. Mr Oliver also features as a cast member on one of the cards.

The Grand Theatre heritage website, has no record of the production and based on the postmark and inscription on the mount it took place in December 1909.

Wolverhampton Grand Theatre are calling out to anyone who may have information on the production, a programme, or anyone who may be a descendant of Mr Oliver. Perhaps someone remembers seeing the framed postcard collection on display. It is hoped that the theatre can display the postcards for the public to see alongside any extra information.

Those who wish to contact the theatre with any information, to show or donate any programmes from the period should contact Scott Bird, Sales & Marketing Manager (Press & PR) on 01902 57 33 11 or by email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Local singing sensation Bradley Simpson, from pop rock band The Vamps, joined sick children at Birmingham Children’s Hospital as excitement builds in the city for this summer’s free public art event, The Big Sleuth.

Heart-throb Brad took time out of rehearsals for The Vamps upcoming world tour to surprise the kids spending a few hours in the hospital’s Play and Admissions Centre designing and painting one of The Big Sleuth’s miniature bear’s, which could make it onto the 10-week trail.

The excited patients joined the 21 year-old lead singer from Sutton Coldfield, as he used inspiration from the kids’ hospital visits and their love of music to add his artistic flair to the project.

The Big Sleuth, so named because sleuth is the collective noun for a group of bears, will see up to 100 giant bear sculptures (and bear cubs created by schools and young people) leave their paw prints all over the city as it gets set to be known as Bear-mingham in 2017.

The project, brought by Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity and creative producers Wild in Art comes hot on the heels of The Big Hoot which attracted more than 800,000 visitors and in total raised over £625,000 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital Charity.

Airlines have awarded Birmingham Airport the Routes Europe 2017 Marketing Award in the 4-20m passenger category for its marketing activity over the last 12 months. The awards, voted by a panel of senior airline executives, are an annual event and highly regarded in the aviation industry. They recognise the outstanding marketing services that have supported the launch of new air routes or the development of existing services.

The ceremony held last night (Monday) in Belfast, Northern Ireland, saw the Midlands’ largest airport beat stiff competition from Warsaw Chopin, Budapest, Cologne Bonn, Marseille Provence and Larnaca Int’l Airports in its category.

Paul Kehoe, the Airport’s Chief Executive, said: “I’m delighted for the team on receiving this accolade which has recognised our airline marketing campaigns as well as business development and sales activities over the last year. The team have explored innovative new ways to engage with global audiences through traditional and new marketing channels and they should feel very proud of this award, as do I.”

In 2016, the airport saw a 14.2% increase in passengers and has celebrated more than two years of consecutive monthly record growth. Despite this boom, the airport managed to get more flights in and out on time than any other airport, becoming the world’s most punctual airport in 2016.

Following on from the launch of nine airlines in 2015, last year the airport launched six new carriers – Blue Air, Qatar, CSA, Iberia, Cobalt and Alba Star. So far in 2017, it has welcomed Jet2, bmi regional and has announced British Airways and Fly One, both due to launch this summer.

Steven Small, brand director, Routes, added: “Congratulations to Birmingham Airport on the winning the award. It’s not surprising due to the dedication and enthusiasm of the team, and the creativity and hard work put into the submission.”