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Vehicles seized by Birmingham City Council from criminal fly-tippers are being put to life-saving use by West Midlands Fire Service (WMFS).

A number of vehicles, which have no alternative operational or resale value, have been donated for WMFS training exercises. Two of the vans were delivered to Sutton Coldfield fire station, where they were used by firefighters to perfect their life-saving road traffic collision (RTC) rescue skills.

Elder fraud is where fraudsters target your parents, grandparents and those from the elderly community. Fraudsters often take advantage of those who aren’t tech-savvy, so familiarizing yourself with scams can lead to preventing the fraudsters from being successful.

Cybersecurity expert Brandon King from Home Security Heroes has compiled a list of tips to spot and prevent fraud. Fraudsters target seniors in elder fraud by tricking them into giving sensitive information or offering fake financial benefits.