Africa’s biggest festival, FESTAC Africa 2023, sets stage in Tanzania’s Northern Tourist City of Arusha in May of this year, with expectations to draw key African big names from all corners of the world.

FESTAC is a celebration of Cultures and Heritage in the form of arts, fashion, music, storytelling, poetry, film, short stories, travel, tourism, hospitality, food and dance, through live performances from various countries of the continent and across the world, sharing and showcasing their richness in their culture.

The forthcoming FESTAC Africa 2023 – Destination Arusha to be staged from May 21 to 27 is the World’s Fourth Black and African Festival of Arts and Culture.

It provides a platform for businesses to connect with the right network, in a space for collaboration and showcasing the latest products and services, connecting marketing professionals and buyers. It is about connecting people with people.

FESTAC Africa 2023 will also explore Tanzania’s spectacular landscapes and wildlife treasures on this exceptional safari adventure which lends itself perfectly to Great Migration experiences. Festival participants will get chances to experience Africa through travel and tourism and explore Arusha and Tanzania during the festival week.

They will also get chances to visit Africa’s leading wildlife parks, including the beautiful Ngorongoro Crater, Serengeti National Park and the Spice Island of Zanzibar or hiking the famous Mount Kilimanjaro. Apart from wildlife parks, participants will get a chance to experience and learn about Tanzania’s famous “Tanzanite gemstone” and the historical business city of Dar es Salaam or “Haven of Peace”.

Dr Julius W Garvey, Managing Director and Chairman of Marcus Garvey is expected to be the Keynote Speaker at the FESTAC Africa 2023 event. “The spirit of Africa could not be broken by the Transatlantic Slave Trade or colonialism,” he says.

“It manifests in a creative and dynamic culture that unites Africa worth its Diaspora and entrances the world. It is my honour to participate in FESTAC Africa 2023 in Arusha, Tanzania. It is a long overdue Festival of African values, history, culture and accomplishments focusing on music, art, dance, food, agriculture, trade and investments.

“The spirit of Africa could not be broken by the Transatlantic Slave Trade or colonialism. It manifests in a creative and dynamic culture that unites Africa with its Diaspora and entrances the world. As we regain our self-confidence let us focus the power of our Pan-African culture towards peace, prosperity and sustainable development. As my father would say, “Up you mighty people, you can accomplish what you will”.

“I look forward to participating in celebrations of Africa Finest Brands on Africa Day Gala Dinner and Awards. Please join me in Arusha to renew our bonds of unity and enjoy each other’s company”.

Other prominent Festival’s speaker will be the African Tourism Board (ATB) President Mr. Cuthbert Ncube. African Tourism Board is a pan-African tourism organization with a mandate to marketing and promoting all the 54 African Destinations, thereby changing the narratives on tourism for the better future of the continent.