To discover how Tesco's products are changing to meet the demands of today's customer, look no further than the dairy aisle.

Tesco has launched and revamped 350 dairy products providing customers with an improved range, healthier options and more choice – including those with a specific dietary requirement.

Cheese lovers will be pleased to see an extended Finest selection. A Vintage Coastal Bite Cheddar and Red Leicester Bite will be stocked, alongside a Wensleydale with Cranberries and Blueberries. For customers who like a spicy kick on their cheese board, a new Finest Red Leicester with Chipotle and Peppercorns is the perfect choice.  Yogurt connoisseurs will be impressed by an expanded choice of Finest Greek Yoghurt with both Espresso and Honey recipes added to complement the existing 10% and 0% Fat Greek Yogurt.

The range of cheeses has also been expand further with a new paneer, comte and manchego.

Tesco has also introduced a number of healthier dairy products as a part of its efforts to help customers live healthier lives. When reformulating, Tesco has committed to make products healthier, as long as the taste and quality is improved or, at the very least, maintained. As a result, many of the retailer's new yoghurts now contain less sugar, which will help the retailer meet Public Health England's 2020 goals.

The selection of new, healthier products now includes a 50% less fat mature cheese, ideal for cheese lovers with its rich, savoury flavour but half the fat content of standard cheddar. A Strawberry Quark has also been introduced for customers looking for high protein. Customers will see new, smaller 200 gram portions of zero fat yogurts to help customers control portions and prevent food waste.

Tesco has also made more products accessible for customers with a dietary requirement. Sunflower and olive spreads will become vegan friendly. The lactose free range has been extended with a lactose free semi-skimmed dairy milk. Made from cow's milk, it has the taste of dairy without the side effects associated by lactose intolerance.

Tesco has also taken a “little help” approach to pack design. All blocks of cheddar can now be opened and resealed. Scissors or a knife are no longer required​. And many of its Finest cheese range have being moved into re-sealable trays to help keep cheeses fresher for longer in the fridge

Tesco's Product Development Director, Kate Ewart said:“Customers will soon find a number of new products in our dairy aisle. Some have less sugar, making it easier for customers to live healthier lives. There are more options for vegans or customers with an intolerance. We've also made changes to the pack design, making them a little easier for customers to enjoy.”