The First Bob Jones Memorial Awards this Saturday

The First Bob Jones Memorial Awards this Saturday


Bob Jones took the decision to install Knife Surrender Bins as one of the tools in the West Midlands in response to visibly tackling the issue of Knife crime, which some 2 years ago was highlighted following deaths of young people.

After an initial slow start some 18 months ago, the latest figures show that 406 knives were surrendered in the latest trawl along with firearms.

8 Knife Surrender Bins were requested and installed from the Charity Word 4 Weapons and a further 3 have been installed by Birmingham Empowerment Forum, with a fourth to be installed in West Bromwich which will make a total of 12 knife Surrender Bins in the West Midlands.

The Awards Ceremony, on Saturday, will pay tribute to those hard working individuals and organisations that have placed tackling gun and knife crime on their agenda and their continual building upon the legacy created by the late Police & Crime Commissioner.

The categories for presentation will be:

1. The Bob Jones Memorial Award – An individual or group who has shown outstanding commitment to reducing knife and/or gun crime within local communities in the West Midlands.

 2. Community Champion – An Individual that has worked within their community to promote non-violence, whilst appreciating cultural diversity.

 3. Community Group Inspiration Award- A Community Group that is working hard to create greater Community Spirit and cohesion in an ever changing environment.

 4. Community Youth Champion – An individual (up to age 23) who has shown commitment in expressing non-violence to youngsters through their actions and being a positive role model in changing attitudes and minds.

 5. Community Youth Group Award – A Youth Group committed to promoting activities that show how young people can express themselves without the use of violence.

 6. Community Awareness Award (Safety Through Music and Arts) – An Organisation, Group or Individual that has used Music or Art to promote non-violence and reduction of knife and gun crime.

The Bob Jones Awards will be presented by his Widow Sarah Edmondson and Deputy Police & Crime Commissioner for the West Midlands Yvonne Mosquito who said: “It is a great pleasure to be able to present the Bob Jones Memorial Award at the first Words 4 Weapons awards evening. Bob was an inspirational individual who truly believed in the difference the people of the West Midlands could make in their communities.

The work Words 4 Weapons and Birmingham Empowerment Forum, have done recently with regards to the knife bin initiative in the region has already made a huge difference. By helping take 406 knives off the streets of the West Midlands this charity is really having a positive impact and I hope to see this continue in the future.”

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