As Africa remains rigid in its position as the richest continent in the world, one of its most recognised and decorated ‘sons’ remains unflinching in his drive to see his beloved homeland ‘sit at the top table when the world’s more financially astute countries make the kind of decisions that others have to ‘sing’ to.

Called the ‘Voice of Africa’, Professor Patrick Loch Otieno Lumumba PhD, LL.B, LL.M is passion about discussing the fate of Africa and he’s not afraid to apportion blame for Africa’s fate.

A former Director of Kenya Anti-Corruption Commission, a lecturer in Law at the Faculty of Law at University of Nairobi, and Trustee and Executive Director of the African Institute of Leaders and Leadership, again, in Nairobi, he is now the Director of The Kenya School of Law and often makes powerful speeches about African solutions to African problems.

A compendium of all things Africa, he has written several books, and been the co-author of the prestigious ‘The Constitution of Kenya’.

A staunch Pan-African, he wrote 27 other books – one of which being ‘Stolen Kenya’ as he always said that: “Africans must take a historical journey. The rise and fall of Africa is on account of African politicians.

“Africa started to produce leaders that they didn’t recognise”.

Having served in the National Committee on Implementation of International Humanitarian Law, followed by being the Secretary to the constitution Kenya Review Commission, Professor PLO Lumumba often call for ‘hygiene’ in Africa, as it had been “disappearing from African politics – ably assisted by Europeans.

“After slavery ‘lost its sheen’ Europeans abolished it and created a new enterprise – ‘colonisation’

“In 1884 they (Europeans) then looked at the map of Africa and shared it out - they thought that they were ‘demi-gods’; calling it the ‘Messiah Complex’.

“But, we – our ancestors - built Europe and the USA. Now we have to reclaim what has always been ours.

“The Democratic Republic of Congo, for example, is the richest country on Earth – but one of the poorest on Earth.

“The question there is; ‘Where is the ‘democracy’?

“African leaders”, he says, “feel that they have the divine right to rule.

“It’s time, now, for African’s voices to be heard – as one”.

PLO Lumumba is one of THE voices that will forever be heard..