Three brands with regenerative farming at their core have joined forces to create a highly nutritious, delicious watercress tart. Leafy green watercress is the most nutritious vegetable - packed with vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

It's one of the few crops that just needs sunlight and water to grow – no additional nitrogen, pesticides or intensive ploughing. Watercress self-fertilises the natural spring water in which it grows, ensuring a perfectly balanced eco-system.

The team at The Watercress Company cut it back 6 times a season – it has been growing there for 120 years! Matthews Cotswold Flour, Britain's leading speciality flour producer, has just launched the UK's first All Purpose Regenerative White Flour.

The new flour is created using grains from a select group of local farms that have embraced regenerative farming techniques that aim to restore and improve soil health and biodiversity. Trewithen Dairy leads the way in terms of regenerative farming research - the Cornish family dairy is on a journey to produce carbon neutral milk.

Whether served to friends for lunch, packed-up for a picnic or presented as the centrepiece of a dinner spread, this vibrant watercress tart is sure to please a crowd. The filling is feather light - almost souffle-like in texture.

The cream and cheese adds a rich, luxurious depth of flavour to the peppery watercress. You'd never know it's doing you - and the planet - the world of good.