This year marks 80 years of British Black Music 1943-2023, with this event set to be online, plus there could be the chance to have a physical component to engage an audience and special guests.

On Wednesday June 21, 2-8pm (UK) BBM/BMC ( Music Congress) will mark Make Music Day and British Black Music Month (BBMM) with 80 Years Of British Black Music 1943-2023 – a widely varied 6-hour DJ set by Kwaku BBM, which will display the depth and breadth of British Black music, spanning over 80 years, from the World War 2 era to present day. The programme is as follows (the *BMC: 21 Years Of British Black Music will accommodate the time slot offered to go live on the Make Music Day UK’s Youtube channel):

1940s-50s Eclectica: Highlife, Calypso, Jazz and more

1960s R&B And Pop: home-grown, plus British European groups discover American R&B

1970s Reggae: Roots & Culture, Pop, and Lovers Rock

1980s Jazz-Funk: Brit-Funk and Disco

1990s UK Crossover US: UK records that crossed over into the US charts

2002-23 *BMC: 21 Years Of British Black Music: the varied musical styles that have been the soundtrack to BMC (Black Music Congress), from 2002-23, including Drum & Bass, Jungle, Afrobeats and more.

Also, expect Kwaku to attempt to get a few guests on air by randomly phoning artists and industryites.

Black Music Congress started in 2002 with monthly forums at City, University of London. British Black Music Month is an initiative started in 2006 by Music Congress (BBM/BMC) to highlight domestic Black music, create forums for black music practitioners and fans to meet, network, dialogue, and improve their music industry knowledge and contacts.

Produced by Music Congress (BBM/BMC) in association with BTWSC/African Histories Revisited.