Pie, chips and gravy. It’s a British institution and one that a Tipton pie factory believes no-one should miss out on.

And, thanks to their latest innovation, which offers a meat-free alternative to a British classic, their vegan customers won’t have to.

Putting a plant-based twist on a comfort food staple, Black Country favourite’s Mad O’Rourkes Pie Factory have added the Jack the Lad pie to their restaurant and Pies by Post menus, just in time for Veganuary.

A spin on a classic steak and mushroom, the Jack the Lad pie features jackfruit, chestnut mushrooms and onions, which are slow cooked in a rich gravy before being enrobed in their famous golden pastry. Inspired by his vegan daughter, Mad O’Rourkes owner Peter Towler wanted to create something a little different from the usual plant-based options seen at restaurant menus across the country. 

“While there’s a lot more options than there once was, when it comes to eating out, my daughter often finds she has to choose between the same kinds of dishes which can get a bit boring. It’s hearty comfort food that she misses,” Peter says, “so with that in mind, we wanted to create a pie that had that same rich, substantial filling that you’d get from something like a steak pie, but with completely plant-based ingredients.

And it wasn’t just a case of switching steak for a manufactured meat alternative either, Peter explains, “Rather than using meat substitutes, we’ve gone for jackfruit which gives you a meaty texture but it’s completely natural - and delicious if I do say so myself!”

A Black Country institution, there has been a hostelry on the corner of Hurst Lane and Sedgley Road West in Tipton since the 1860’s. The former Doughety Arms was renamed Mad O’Rourkes Pie Factory in 1987 and they’ve been making their famous pies there ever since.

Having taken over the business from the O’Rourke family in 2000, former pastry chef Peter Towler has been perfecting his recipes for over three decades, turning the factory into the much loved foodie destination it is today. 

After the pandemic prevented diners from visiting Mad O’Rourkes in person, the company launched its Pies by Post service, bringing boxes of their Black Country classics to the masses. Customers now have the option of selecting some of the Mad O’Rourkes most popular flavours to be enjoyed in the comfort of their own homes. 

The Jack the Lad pie is available for diners at the Mad O’Rourkes restaurant now, or, for those wanting to try it at home, the pie is available online for home delivery through the Pies by Post service.