The leadership of the British overseas territory of Anguilla is crystal clear regarding the linkages between tourism and sustainable socioeconomic development.

Haydn Hughes, Anguilla’s Minister of Infrastructure, Communications, Utilities, Housing and Tourism, understands from a personal as well as professional perspective that tourism is key to Anguilla and Anguillans.

“I would dare say that all of the employment of Anguilla is generated from tourism … I grew up in a time when we had no electricity, no running water, no roads, no telecommunications ... because of tourism, we have all of those amenities and a lot more,” he asserted while addressing members of the media at the recent Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO)’s Destination Media Briefings.

As the world prepares for tomorrow’s celebration of World Tourism Day, it is critical not only to rethink, but also to recognize how important tourism is to all of us.