Active Crisis Consulting ("ACC") is said to be honoured to have Vice Admiral Colin James Kilrain join the company as its newest Managing Director and Board Advisor. 

Vice Admiral Kilrain brings an incredible depth of knowledge and experience in national security and global affairs to the leadership team at ACC based on his U.S. Naval career spanning nearly four decades. Vice Admiral Kilrain served as Assistant to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff from 2021-2023, and as Associate Director for Military Affairs for the Central Intelligence Agency from 2019-2021.

He also served as Commander of NATO Special Operations Headquarters from 2016-2019, as Commander of Special Operations Command Pacific, and as a U.S. Navy SEAL and Commander of Naval Special Warfare Group Two. Jared Febbroriello, Managing Director of Active Crisis Consulting commented: "We're pleased to welcome Vice Admiral Kilrain as our newest Managing Director and Board Advisor.  

“Colin's remarkable career as a Naval leader was forged in fire and earned downrange. His strategic acumen is an invaluable asset for any organization navigating the Universal Threat Environment. His expertise in geopolitical security affairs amongst the great powers, and his global operational experience are unquestionable.

“ACC's fundamental long-term acquisitive growth strategy prudently leverages our reputation for attracting world-class talent like Colin; and disruptive technology partners like SEADAR. I cannot overstate the strategic value that Colin's contributions will bring to ACC and our existing client base."

Active Crisis Consulting ( delivers security and technology solutions that cater to the diverse needs of government agencies, military and corporate clients. Their team is comprised of globally recognized experts who have spent their lives in government and military service. They pride themselves on delivering unparalleled results.

Their security and protective service teams ensure client safety in any situation; and our world-class training programs are bespoke, and employ emerging technologies, cutting-edge special tactics and electronic warfare techniques. Their mission is to prepare clients for the Universal Threat Environment, by providing solutions that redefine the pinnacle of professional, military, and agency requirements.

(Active Crisis Consulting, 1920 McKinney Ave., 7FL, Dallas, TX. Neil McLean, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., (619)-772-6180). SEADAR is the first subsea radar system capable of detecting, geolocating, and mapping all forms of conductive materials above and below the seafloor. 

ACC and SEADAR offer towed sensors, monitoring, and networked undersea security systems.