Walk on the Wild Side in La Gomera

Walk on the Wild Side in La Gomera


The Climate

La Gomera enjoys a subtropical climate with mild winters, long and dry summers and an average temperature of 22 °C all year round. The island’s mountainous terrain also allows for several microclimates. In the north, you will find wetter weather, which condenses into a cool silver fog that blankets La Gomera’s thick laurel forests. Meanwhile, in the south, the weather is much warmer and sunnier. Wherever your feet may roam, however, the best time for visiting is from September to May when the climate is at its most pleasant. 

The Walks

La Gomera is known as the best Canary Island for hiking due to its myriad landscapes, most of which are reachable on foot. Banana trees pepper quaint villages and charming towns while rugged mountains and volcanic peaks stretch into the horizon. An extensive web of walking trails maps out the countryside, providing picture perfect sights in every direction. La Gomera is also unique in that it offers a choice of walks for all ages and abilities.  Here are several suggestions to get started:

Garajonay National Park

A great place to start your walking adventure in La Gomera is at Garajonay National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and home to over 2,000 native plant species, including Indian bay, evergreen laurel and linden trees as well as huge viñátigos and tiles, which can reach heights of 35 metres. Additionally, the park is rich and diverse in fauna, and many amphibians, reptiles and birds are endemic to the region, such as the “Rabiche” and “Turque” pigeons.

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