Children in a West Bromwich primary school are swapping their unhealthy junk food in favour of fruit and healthy snacks this month in a bid to eat more healthily.
Hargate Primary School children are being encouraged to choose healthier options at lunchtime. They have been choosing snacks like bananas, dried fruit and salad and handing in their packets of crisps and chocolate.
The drive against junk food has also taken place at a number of schools across Sandwell and was discussed at the recent School Nurse Ambassadors event between Sandwell school pupils, nurses and staff.
The project encourages children to act as ambassadors for the health of their fellow pupils by promoting all kinds of health and well-being messages from the importance of healthy eating to anti-bullying projects.
Councillor Simon Hackett, cabinet member for children's services is pleased the children and school staff are taking such a positive approach towards healthy eating. He said: "The school Nurse Ambassador programme is designed so school children can swap ideas about staying healthy and this is a great example.
"I am pleased to see the children are very aware about what is healthy and are making their own choices about what to swap."
Teacher Gabbie Thorp and school well-being lead Helen Penn implemented the no junk July at Hargate Primary School after hearing how successful it had been at other schools.
Helen said: "We heard that other schools in the area had been doing this through the School Nurse Ambassador programme and wanted to implement it here at Hargate Primary.
"The idea has proven to be a real success. We are now seeing less and less unhealthy food being brought in by the children. We hope this will continue in school after the holidays."