Ahead of the upcoming Test Series, West Indies captain, Jason Holder has said that players found guilty of racism should face the same penalties as match-fixing and dopers.

While the ICC (International Cricket Council) rules allow for a life ban for on-pitch racist abuse, culprits are rarely punished to that extent.

Holder said: “I don’t think that the penalty for doping or corruption should be, in any way, different for racism.

“If we have got issues within our sport, we must deal with them equally”.

A first offence results in four to eight suspension points.

Two suspension points equate to a ban for one Test ore two One Day International matches.

Holder, who is set to lead the West Indies side in a three-Test series beginning on July 8, said that an anti-racism feature can be introduced where players will be briefed about the issues ahead of each series.

Holder said: “In addition to having anti-doping briefing and anti-corruption briefings, maybe we should have an anti-racism feature before we start a series.

“My measure is more education needs to go around it.

“I’ve not experienced any racial abuse first hand but I’ve heard and seen a few things around it”.

He went on: “It’s something that you just can’t stand for”