New research by Prezzo, to launch its ‘Summer Like You Mean It’ campaign, has revealed the top signs it is summer in the UK, with the smell of BBQs cooking in gardens taking the top spot with 45 percent of the vote.

Also, to make the list of quintessential British summer traits was the scent of freshly cut grass (40 percent), a classic Mr Whippy ice-cream with a flake (38 percent) and everyone complaining about how hot it is (38 percent).


Following the hottest day of the year and one of the hottest summers on record, the study conducted by Prezzo, shows that other signs of a Great British summer include, having fish and chips at the beach (35 percent), consuming your weight in strawberries and cream (35 percent), unpredictable weather keeping you on your toes (32 percent) and having impromptu picnics in the park whenever the sun comes out from behind a cloud (31 percent).

The study, also found that a quintessential summer in the UK is not complete without hours spent watching Wimbledon (30 percent), discussing the weather with EVERYONE you meet (30 percent), kicking back with an afternoon at a beer garden (30 percent), preferably with an ice-cold beer in hand (29 percent), and meeting up with friends and family (29 percent).

And a typical British summer also includes eating out with loved ones (29 percent), predictably getting a bit sunburnt (29 percent) and tucking into burnt bangers from the BBQ (28 percent).

The research also reveals the nation’s favourite foods to enjoy al fresco, including burgers (57 percent), refreshing salads (38 percent), pizza (34 percent), chicken wings (34 percent) and chips with dips (32 percent). That’s why Prezzo are encouraging the nation to summer like they mean it – as the summer never tasted so good! And the Prezzo terraces are the perfect place to dine al fresco with friends and family.

Meanwhile 53 percent say they like to make the most of the weather and eat outside during the summer as much as possible. In fact, 38 percent admit that eating outside with loved ones makes them nostalgic for the summers they enjoyed when they were little.

Six in ten parents (62 percent) also say they think the memories they create with their own children during British summers will last a lifetime, with 30 percent insisting that the warmer months are their favourite time of year for spending time with their kids.

Hannah Thompson, from Prezzo, who conducted the research said: “As a nation there are definitely certain traits that make a quintessentially British summer, from the smell of freshly cut grass to getting together with friends and family to enjoying a delicious meal.  Our research shows that over half the nation love eating outside during the summer, so we’re encouraging the nation to ‘Summer Like they Mean it’ this year. 

“This season is the perfect time to dine outdoors on one of our terraces and bask in the glorious weather, as well as feasting on Prezzo’s new summer menu, containing the likes of delicious pizzas and the new Truffle Burrata Burger, which is the perfect dish to be enjoyed al fresco on one of our fantastic outdoor terraces. So, grab a friend and a pair of sunglasses and make your way to a Prezzo terrace – the new menu is available now!”

The research of 1,500 Britons also reveals that 45 percent believe there’s no better place to be than the UK on a hot summer’s day. So, it’s no surprise that four in ten secretly can’t stand it when they go on holiday abroad, only to hear that the weather back home is scorching hot. And half the nation agrees there’s nothing quite like a quintessentially Great British summer. In fact, 39 percent admit they’re always tempted to go on holiday in the UK instead of going overseas, because there’s so much about summer in Britain that they love.

This summer we’ll also be enjoying garden parties (28 percent), eating salad for lunch and dinner (28 percent), the smell of sun cream (27 percent), alfresco dining in the garden (26 percent) and filling up the paddling pool (25 percent). For summer this year, three in ten (29 percent) are making more plans than usual to make the most of everything, while 55 percent agree that spending more time outdoors with loved ones is one of the main perks of the season.

This ranges from eating outside in the garden with family (51 percent), enjoying food in a pub garden or restaurant terrace (35 percent) or picnics at the park or seaside with loved ones (38 percent). The list of signs you know it’s summer also included the sound of ice cream van music (25 percent), water fights with your kids (19 percent), chilled glasses of rose (17 percent) and seagulls trying to steal your ice cream cone (17 percent).

Meanwhile 48 percent admit there are certain British traits that you only see during a summer in the UK, from dodgy tan lines to everyone getting into shorts and t-shirts at the first hint of sun.

The top signs it’s summer in the UK, according to Brits:

1.    The smell of BBQs 45%

2.    The smell of freshly cut grass 40%

3.    A Mr Whippy 99 ice-cream with a flake 38%

4.    Complaining about how hot it is 38%

5.    Eating fish and chips during an evening at the beach 35%

6.    Strawberries and cream 35%

7.    Unpredictable weather 32%

8.    Picnics in the park 31%

9.    Wimbledon 30%

10.  Discussing the weather with everyone you meet 30%

11.  An afternoon in a beer garden 30%

12.  Coming together with friends and family 29%

13.  Getting a little sunburnt 29%

14.  Burning sausages on the BBQ 28%

15.  Garden parties 28%

16.  Eating salad for lunch and dinner 28%

17.  The smell of suncream 27%

18.  Eating al fresco in the garden 26%

19.  Filling up the paddling pool 25%

20.  Putting shorts or a skirt on at the first sight of sun 25%

21.  Hearing the ice cream van music coming down the road 25%

22.  Picnic blankets 22%

23.  Having picnics at the drop of a hat 20%

24.  Water fights with the kids 19%

25.  Pimms 19%

26.  Seagulls trying to steal your ice-cream 17%

27.  Digging out your flip flops 17%

28.  The Great British road trip 17%

29.  Chilled glasses of rose 17%

30.  Being chased by a wasp 16%