City of Wolverhampton Council officials this week welcomed their counterparts from China to the Civic Centre. Directors, engineers and researchers from the Changsha Urban Rural Planning Bureau made the long trip from Hunan Province to learn more about UK sustainable urban planning, and building knowledge and strategies.

The 25-strong delegation heard presentations from the council’s City Economy Service Director, Keren Jones, on the council’s Integrated Plan for the City; Head of School of Architecture and Built Environment, Pauline Corbett, on the role of the University of Wolverhampton in Urban Planning in the West Midlands and proposed Springfield site; and Senior Research and Development Consultant, Martin Huggins, on the use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) in spatial planning and the benefits in terms of sustainability.

They were able to ask questions and also viewed the ‘Wolverhampton Story’ – a video showcasing the city.

Keren Jones said: “We are honoured the delegation chose Wolverhampton to visit and learn more about how the council and its partners operate in this field.

“The trip was informative for both parties and gave us the opportunity to demonstrate the work behind the extensive regeneration of Wolverhampton.”